Pop-up Store @ Takashimaya - Assemble Singapore

Pop-up Store @ Takashimaya

Fellow Gents, Assemble would be holding a pop-up store at Takashimaya from the 21st October to the 27th October! With a gentlemen theme, the pop-up...

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All About Lapel Buttonhole - Assemble Singapore

All About Lapel Buttonhole

Have you ever wondered, why is there a buttonhole on the left lapel of your suit jacket, but there is no complimenting button nor another buttonhol...

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Super Number of Suit Fabric - Assemble Singapore

Super Number of Suit Fabric

Would you be surprised if I told you Super Numbers Have Nothing to do with Thread Count? Many would, because super numbers are commonly assumed to ...

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Magic Number to Dressing Well - Assemble Singapore

Magic Number to Dressing Well

Oh alright what’s going on here? I mean, you are entitled to your own rights to wear whatever you like, but I’m not so sure about this extraordina...

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