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Article: Polos + Linen = Perfect CNY Outfit

Polos + Linen = Perfect CNY Outfit - Assemble Singapore

Polos + Linen = Perfect CNY Outfit

Aren’t you guys still catching your breath from all that Christmas gatherings? Now a whole New Year of 2020 has just barely started, and we have to prepare to welcome the Chinese New Year! This year’s CNY is definitely much earlier than we all can expect, and I bet a bunch of people are still searching for their potential #CNYOOTDs.

Haven’t quite found the perfect outfit? Here’s some staple wardrobe pieces for your outfit inspirations!

One-Piece Collar Polo Shirt

assemble otr one piece collar polo

I’m sure most of you own some polo tees in your closet. Why not try out our first Off-The-Rack line of one-piece collar polo shirts! At the first glance, it just looks like any other polos, but you just know that there is something different about it.

One-piece collars are distinguished from regular collars with its construction. Fabric is cut from a single piece, without having a collar band. This allows the collar to stand on its own without collapsing, creating a very nice curve! (I’ll leave more in-depth information on one-piece collars for next time!)

assemble otr one piece collar polo

Be it long or short sleeves, the 100% cotton material allows maximum comfort while being able to dress smartly to impress your friends and relatives (perhaps your future in-laws for good impression)!

Jersey Cotton Shirt

assemble soktas jersey cotton shirt

This is a small upgrade from the polo tops. Recently catching lots of attention from our clients, the SÖKTAŞ fabric is definitely a win. Have a look at how comfortable our client is in his light grey jersey cotton top!

Light, soft and extremely stretchable, you won’t have to worry about feeling sweaty throughout the day, or having your food baby sticking out after a good reunion meal! The fabric just falls so comfortably on your skin.

assemble soktas jersey cotton

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Linen Pants/Shorts

assemble tailored shorts

Yeah I mean, the weather is definitely not the hottest in Singapore of late, but we still complain a lot about the humidity. Ditch all your other pants away, and embrace the linens for CNY!

Linens naturally crease, and it’s the uniqueness of the fabric which distinguishes itself from others. However the texture and the grainy look give your pants so much character, even though they are just solid colours! Some of you don’t want to dress up too tacky for the CNY (cues the bright red colours just to appease the elders). Why not try linen?

assemble tailored linen pants

Bolder and brighter colours, which are more unconventional, are usually challenging to pull off. However when it comes to linen, the fabric makes it a whole lot easier to match as a tropical fabric like linen are meant to be vibrant and summery!

Matching the Pieces Together

assemble polo with shorts

Look at how versatile these pieces are! You can see how the shorts can easily compliment with the polo tees so well. A tasteful brick-red perfectly complements the CNY mood. Match it with a pair of monk-straps, or casual loafers, and you are good to go!

assemble soktas shirt with shorts

Of course, you can match your linen bottom with a nice simple striped shirt. To tone down the look slightly, pair your outfit with your favourite sandals and you will still look smart.

Hope this gave you some ideas for last-minute outfit planning for the Lunar Festive, and in the meantime, Assemble wishes you a Happy Chinese New Year in advance!

Do drop us an email at to book an appointment or if you have any enquiries!

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