About Assemble

Kick-started by two partners with an acute sense for fashion and passionate about delivering the best quality there is when it comes to made-to-measure outfits, Ken & Lyn are dedicated to offer the best service too.

At Assemble, we offer a unique and mega wide selection of fabrics when it comes to your made-to-measure outfits. Trust us when we say, we will "go up the knife mountain or down that hot boiling oil", to ensure that we have what each and every client's wants. That's not all. We have a flair when it comes to customization too. When it comes to range, service, quality and value, we are pretty sure nothing beats Assemble!

You can also find a dazzling range of accessories, gentlemen's essential products right here! Also, we are always up for a friendly chat if you have any tips/tricks/suggestions for us, so send us an email, find us on Instagram or just drop by Facebook to say hello!
Oh... did we mention, we are mobile tailors too? ;)