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About Assemble


Founded by Ken & Lyn in 2014, they began as roving tailors, supporting the gents by bringing tailoring services to their doorstep. Now, we have a cozy spot in Orchard Central where you can tailor your outfits and shop to your heart's content. 

At Assemble, we provide an array of fabrics, top quality workmanship and an interesting range of customizations for our clients. We value each and every outfits crafted no matter the price, with attention to even the most minute details! Dedicated to deliver the best to our clients, we provide top to bottom analysis of your body structure, face shape and skin tone to ensure you chose the right color, fabric and cut for your tailor made outfits. And the most special part of our store? Expect to find a men's cavern, bringing you leather shoes, socks, grooming products, boxers, accessories, casual wear and more! Feel free to head on down to our store for a quick chat or have a go at our arcade machines!