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Article: After-Care for Your Wool Suits

After-Care for Your Wool Suits - Assemble Singapore

After-Care for Your Wool Suits

Many times we received questions from our clients regarding how to take care of the suits, or what they do to get wrinkles out after wearing the suits. Here’s a few simple tips to follow, so as to prolong the longevity of your suit!

  1. Never ever machine-wash your suits.

Regardless of the material of your suit, never throw them into the washing machine. Yes, it can be very convenient to just let your machine do the job, but it is going to ruin the materials! Send your suit for dry-cleaning, only when necessary. You wouldn’t want to dry clean your suits too frequently as well.

Now the question would be, how frequent? It depends largely on how much you wear your jacket, and under what conditions. We have heard stories of suits not lasting, which was caused by regular dry cleaning habits. The natural fibres of the jacket will eventually be damaged when it undergoes excessive dry cleaning, as the chemicals used during the process can be quite harsh.

You may dry-clean your suit once a year, but the suit is only used for important conferences or just attending friends’ weddings, do a smell test! Only when your suit starts to have a funky smell, then send it for dry-cleaning. If there are stains which are hard to remove, request for spot cleaning.

  1. Get yourself a brush and lint-roller.

Wool tends to trap dust or small debris easily, and you would not want to leave them untouched, as the tiny particles might spoil the wool fibres. Remove the dust by simply brushing your suit, in a downward motion. You can get a wool-garment brush easily in departmental stores. Brushes of horsehair would be recommended, as the natural bristles are gentler on the wool fabrics.

If you do not own a brush at the moment, lint-roller can be an alternative. It will be able to remove larger particles, like your pet’s fur, on the surface of your suit. However, ultimately it would be better if you get a brush to remove smaller debris which cannot be removed using lint-roller.

  1. Hang your suits.

It is a given to store your suits by hanging them, but it is important to keep them in a dry and cool place. A hot and humid place will not work well with the natural fibres of wool. Also, your suits need their breathing space, just like how we need ours. Avoid squeezing them into a compact and crowded wardrobe. Leave about an inch of space to allow air circulation. This would also allow your sweat to naturally evaporate from your suit, and you won’t have to send it for dry-cleaning!

A good hanger plays a part as well. Throw your thin wired hangers away, it will form a crease on the shoulders as the weight of the suit is focused on the small surface area of the hanger. The hanger should be able to carry your jacket from shoulder to shoulder, with a certain width to maintain the shape and form of the jacket. To add on, having a wider hanger gives your jacket some space to breathe as well!

  1. Avoid ironing to remove wrinkles.

Ironing the suit is never a good idea. It will burn the fibres, which in turn create some sheen on the fabric, and it is not going to be ideal if it is a high-end Super 160s suit! Get your dry-cleaner to do some pressing for you, or if it’s too much of a hassle, the safest way to do it at home is to steam your suit. Not only it smoothen out the creases, it can also remove any odour from your jacket. No steamer at home, use your bathroom. After a hot, relaxing shower, hang your suit in your bathroom, and let the lingering hot steam do the job.


If you follow these tips and have your suits well taken care of, you will be able to use them for the longest time while still looking fresh and sharp! Your wallet will also be very thankful, as you won’t have to spend a bomb on excessive dry-cleaning or having to replace your suits frequently!

Do drop us an email at to book an appointment or if you have any enquiries!

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