Assemble's Virtual Tailoring Program

In light of COVID-19, different times require different measures. Thankfully with the support of our clients, we are able to kickstart our very own 'Virtual Tailoring' program.

This program is in place to serve you during this #StayHome period. It is suitable for ANY client who already has a pre-existing shirt/pants that they are quite happy with. It does not necessarily have to be tailored from us; it can also be an off-the-rack, or tailored by your previous tailor. Our aim is to maintain or improve the fit.

Additionally, this program also benefits clients who simply do not have the time to travel to our store at Orchard Central due to family/work commitments. Or may find it inconvenient to have a physical consultation conducted at their home/office.

Click to watch our video on IGTV!


We thank you for supporting us during a time like this. We hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy at home. You can click here to book an appointment with us!

Do stay tuned for our upcoming video series where we will be doing makeovers and sharing style tips and tricks. Follow us on Instagram at @assemblesg to stay updated!

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