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Every client that walks through our door is entitled to an hour exclusive styling session with us where we discuss in-depth on getting the right color, fabrics, patterns, budget and more ; no matter the occasion. Come as you are and experience tailoring like never before.


Just like the other reviews, I've only got good words for Assemble Singapore. I gave my virgin tailoring experience to Assemble Singapore and I have to admit that I enjoyed the experience and service rendered by Ken for the two pairs of trousers I got. He was patient, meticulous, and a master of his craft. Have a question about their wide array of fabrics, he'll gladly recommend one that's best for the garment you wish to tailor and without hard-selling, giving you the liberty to decide based on your budget. When it came to measurements, Ken was spot on. My tailored trousers were probably good enough to be collected on the day of the first fitting, but his eye for perfection just couldn’t let that happen as he made some minor adjustments. I am really pleased with how my trousers turned out and I would definitely recommend anyone hoping to experience good service and good workmanship to consider Assemble Singapore.

First Tailor to Bring You Custom Linings!

First in South East Asia to let clients have the option of printing any graphics for their Jacket Linings! From imprinting your loved ones, pets, food, pictures, symbols and more, sky is the limit! Come check out some of the craziest linings we have done for our clients! Click below to choose from our own collection.

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Assemble Lifestyle

Your one stop shop for anything related to your lifestyle needs! Aside from getting your outfits tailored, you can find an array of gentlemen's lifestyle products both in store and online. From hair products to work out gear, shop at the comfort of your home as we ship internationally.