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shirts for everyday wear

trousers built to fit

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bespoke suits / $850~

Custom your 2-piece suit by selecting from a diverse range of fabrics sourced from around the world. Engage in discussions about the fit, drape, colors, and other details with our in-house tailors and stylists.

shirts / $220~

Discover a range of fabric choices, from the softest cotton to the lightest linen, to elevate your shirt game. Explore custom collar, cuff, and other detailing options to create shirts tailored to your everyday needs. 

Trousers / $220~

Step up your style game with a well-crafted pair of trousers. Explore a range of fabrics tailored for everyday workwear or get creative with our customizable waistbands. Our skilled tailors and stylists are ready to harmonize your wardrobe with a perfect color palette.


Discover a transformative experience in how the right outfit can make you stand out.



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