Fret not Grooms-to-be! Our tailors provide one of the best experiences and consultation when it comes to customizing your wedding suit. Speak with us to know more about our Groom and Groomsmen packages!

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Ever wanted more for your Suit Inner Lining? Now you customize your own! Click on to find out more on customizable linings and our in-house collection.

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Have you seen our store? Not only do we cater tailoring for gents, we provide all your retail needs and more! Shop @journalprojects' Raw Selvedge Denim Jeans for only $159.

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Bundies are in town! Whether you wear Trunks or Boxers, Bundies has you covered. They deliver the most comfortable underwear made of the finest sustainably sourced fabrics!

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From customizing your formal outfit to your casual wear, we carry one of the most awesome locally made activewear! Cutting edge apparels engineered for seamless motion and versatile function.

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Assemble Singapore
Assemble Singapore