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Article: Outfit Ideas for Business Casual

Outfit Ideas for Business Casual - Assemble Singapore

Outfit Ideas for Business Casual

Gone are the days where gents have to wear a suit and tie to work. Unless you are a banker or lawyer, most companies these days have started to adopt the Business Casual dress code. But what exactly is that?

Like myself, most of you are probably a little confused when it comes to the Business Casual dress code because it is so loosely defined and it leaves a lot of room for interpretation. While it all depends on the company you are working at and the culture there, let’s discuss some general guidelines that you should follow so that you never look out of place.

Business Casual means no suit and tie; but it still means no jeans, no t-shirts or polos, no sneakers or flip-flops, and your shirt still has to be tucked in. Of course, blazers and sports jackets are always acceptable, because it doesn’t hurt to always be a little more dressed up.


As you probably work in an office, I’m pretty sure your wardrobe consists of primarily whites and blues for shirts. Those are staples of a men’s wardrobe and if you are someone who likes to dress up in them, you can still do so but skip the jacket. It is also definitely acceptable to roll your sleeves up as it gives you a more casual look to an otherwise quite formal ensemble.


Alternatively, you can also simply switch it up with a more casual fabric for your pants. You can go for something like linen or seersucker. Or if you would like to swap your cotton dress shirts out for something casual like a cotton jersey shirt, that works too! You can learn more about that fabric range from SÖKTAŞ by clicking here.


If you have to wear a jacket for a meeting with clients or maybe a presentation, you can play with the patterns on your shirt. When you go for stripes or even checks, it creates more visual interest in your outfit and makes it more casual. Here at Assemble, you are bound to find something you like with so many different options available in regards to the widths and densities in the patterns.


We also found the chambray and denim shirts to be quite a popular option as it gives a more relaxed feel with its texture. They are easy to match, and goes really well with a brown jacket as shown in the images above. It could be a suit, or easily paired with a beige or cream pair of chinos.


Lastly, if you like to layer your garments, you can invest in a few blazers or sports jackets. Checks or plaids are a good option because with the right color, it lands in a nice sweet spot in between formal and casual. It gives versatility in dressing up or down, and definitely shows that you put thought into your outfit. However, if you are someone that is a more conservative, you can opt for a solid color jacket in Hopsack or a Wool/Linen blend. The weaves and texture of these fabrics makes them more casual.



When in doubt, always overdress. You may feel silly at first, but being underdressed makes you look bad. With all these outfits, you should still be wearing proper shoes. We hope you have a better understanding on the Business Casual dress code from this editorial article.

If you have any other questions, feel free to his us up at +65 8742 6863 and we would be happy to assist you. You can also book an appointment by clicking here. Be sure to follow us on Instagram at @assemblesg and like us on Facebook!

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