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Article: Wedding Suit Ideas for the Grooms

Wedding Suit Ideas for the Grooms - Assemble Singapore

Wedding Suit Ideas for the Grooms

You have proposed to your girlfriend, and now what’s next? Wedding planning! This is when you realised there is so much to plan and organise, and you are so clueless about even your wedding suit. Blacks, blues, greys… One Google search and you are drowning in hundreds and thousands of options.

Fret not, as here I am to give you some inspirations to help you squeeze some brain juices!

Tuxedos or Suits?

(Matt wearing Black Tuxedo with Satin Shawl Lapel)

Tuxedos are generally in black or midnight blue with a satin lapel, making it only wearable on a formal event, such as black-tie events. Hence tuxedos will only be suitable if your wedding is at night and it will be on a more serious tone. Have you seen James Bond and his tuxedo? Just imagine wearing that during your wedding dinner while marching down the aisle at a hotel ballroom.

Patterned Suits

(Joe in Windowpane 3-Piece Suit)

More often than not, grooms would prefer to invest in a suit which they could still wear after their weddings. Tuxedos are not very applicable in the daily life because honestly, how many black-tie events would you attend? Hence suits would be a better choice, as you can not only play around with colours, patterns and/or textures, you could re-wear them for future occasions.

(Fabrics in Windowpane and Prince of Wales)

Previously we have talked about the Prince of Wales here, and it is one of our favourite patterns for suits! As much as solid-coloured suits are staples and will always remain as classics, sometimes we just want something more than that. Not only Prince of Wales, windowpanes and glen plaids are also some of the subtle patterns which could give your suit a twist. This is perfect, especially for grooms, to stand out from the sea of guests!

(Linen fabrics in tones of khaki and brown)

Try A Different Fabric

A beach-side wedding with natural sunlight gives a casual relaxed mood, and linen might be the perfect fabric for your suit. When you need higher breathability for your suit in hot and humid climate, linen immediately comes to mind. The natural fibres of linen are able to absorb moisture and evaporate it away quickly. However just a food for thought, the wrinkly characteristic of linen is a double-edged sword. As much as creasing is the beauty of linen, many would prefer to have clean and crisp looking suits.

(Filbert in 100% Oatmeal Linen Jacket and Moss Green Pant)

Having a 2-piece suit doesn’t always mean that it has to be in matching colours for top and bottom. Take a look at Filbert and his band of brothers. Filbert chose a complimenting colour for his jacket to match the groomsmen’s khaki-coloured pants, while he stood out as a groom with a different colour choice for his own. Suits like that are perfect for less formal events, especially for summer beach or destination weddings!

Three-Piece Suits

(Marcus in 3-Piece Suit in Grey Sharkskin with a Navy Blue Vest)

It is true that we will not need to wear a vest on a daily basis, especially when the weather here in Singapore is so humid. Believe it or not, having an additional vest for your wedding suit can be very useful and versatile. Whether or not the vest is made of the same fabric as your suit or of a different colour/pattern, it acts as an accessory to make your suit look even more complete.


(Bobby in 3-Piece Suit with Bowtie & Matching Boutonnière)

Wait, this is not the end yet, here's a bonus tip! If you are more comfortable in solid-coloured suits without fancy patterns, differentiate your wedding suit by accessorising! Play around with the lapel pins, ties and pocket squares to stand out from your guests (HIGH IMPORTANCE). You could even pin up a boutonnière of matching flowers with bride’s bouquet on your suit for a more cohesive look.

(Ivan in 2-Piece Ocean Blue Hopsack Suit with Sushi Inner Lining)

How about injecting a personal touch? Why not opt for a suit inner lining which screams “IT ME”? Check out our In-House Linings here!

There is a whole list of variations you could consider for your wedding suit. Look around for inspirations and ideas for the different styles of suits. You will be able to find the perfect wedding suit that fits your personality on your special day!


Do drop us an email at to book an appointment or if you have any enquiries!

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