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Article: Summer Style Linen

Summer Style Linen - Assemble Singapore

Summer Style Linen

While there are different seasons in most countries across the globe, in Singapore, it feels like summer all year long. When stepping out in the hot sun even for just a few minutes might cause you to sweat profusely, T-shirt and shorts would be the most comfortable way to go. 

For the summer season, linen is a popular choice among many. So what is linen exactly? Linen is a natural fibre, made from the stalk of a flax plant, and is also regarded as the best quality fabric in Europe. It is valued because of its coolness and freshness even in sweltering hot weathers, which synthetic fabrics are not able to provide. Similarly to cotton, linen fabrics allow high breathability, which quickly removes perspiration from the skin. In addition, linen is smoother, lighter and more durable than cotton.   

Despite that, linen wrinkles and creases very easily, which is natural due to its raw texture. Its natural wax gives it an attractive and luxurious texture. Like our tailor says, “If you can find peace with the crease, you will find beauty in this fabric!”

Nonetheless, if you want your linen to give off a crisp look, you can also set your iron to high, place a wet cotton cloth on top of it, and iron over the cloth with steam.

Caring for linen fabrics is easy and the advantage of this quality fabric includes the fact that it softens more each time it is used and washed. Linen is also extremely resistant and lasts for decades when it is cared for properly. 

linen fittings

Linen looks best in pastel colors such as baby pink, baby blue and light yellow, but beige and natural colors also works well in complimenting these fabrics. These shirts can be worn more formally or casually, with the right pair of chinos or pants, leather belt and shoes. You can also match these linen shirts with jeans and a blazer.

Linen pants on the other hand can be worn with a plain tee, a polo tee or even a sports jacket, with venetian loafers or moccasins. It is usually best suited with other materials such as cotton or wool, or you can even go in a full linen suit like Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby or Chris Pine!

No matter if you choose to go for a softly tailored suit or a loose shirt, these fabrics are definitely worth the try. With its cooling and comfortable qualities, you might even opt to switch to linen fabrics entirely!

Our stylish linen pants, originally priced at $129, is currently going for $99 - $109 for the first 20 customers. Come and get your hands on this luxurious fabric now! If you are unsure about how to match these fabrics, fret not because our tailor would be happy to introduce and recommend you the best styles possible.

linen pants by Assemblesg - $129

Do drop us an email at if you have any enquiries!

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