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Article: The Royal Check

The Royal Check - Assemble Singapore

The Royal Check

Do you find yourself admiring Hannibal Lecter’s exceptional sense of style? Or maybe even the exquisite fabric patterns on James Bond’s custom suits starting from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig?

One of the inspirations that tailors get are from the diverse collection of fabrics that are available worldwide. There are the classic patterns such as pinstripes, herringbone and hounds tooth, and there is also the Prince of Wales check.

Glen plaids and Prince of Wales have been highly interchangeably used because of its similar patterns. To distinguish them both, when a fine colored line is added to a glen plaid, the cloth may be referred to as a Prince of Wales. These thin, fine lines usually come in brighter colors such as a deep red or a light blue. You could say that the Prince of Wales check is a bolder version of the glen plaid. 

To add on to that, the Prince of Wales was popularized stateside by the Duke of Windsor, also known as Edward VIII. Not only does it give this fabric a royal touch, but it also makes it unique and extremely eye-catching.

Here are some ways that you can style a Prince of Wales check;

For a more formal suit, you can opt for a charcoal Prince of Wales which is extremely versatile. Pair your suit with a brown brogue to complement the entire look. For more casual events, instead of going for the classic navy suit, you can go for a more intricate piece like a navy Prince of Wales. The beauty of the Prince of Wales check is that it adds that bit of flair to your wardrobe without being too loud. It is neither as boring as a plain solid suit or too severe like a pinstripe suit.

Some of the common British cuts that you can go for with this fabric is the classic double breasted suit, a 3-piece single breasted suit with a waistcoat, or even a classic 2-piece single breasted suit. For shirts, a plain oxford shirt would be the best option to complement this look because of how distinctive a Prince of Wales check. 

Most importantly, do not forget to accessorize! If you are having trouble matching your accessories, deep red or light blue checks on a Prince of Wales check can be a source of inspiration for your choice of accessories. A silk pocket square or tie can also help to bring out the details of the checks and elevate your look.

If you can't get enough of the checks that the Prince of Wales offers, Gnome & Bow's Augustus Collection has wallets with a Prince of Wales lining!

The AVGVSTVS leather wallet collection commemorates August Man's 10th anniversary and the name that it's associated with, demonstrated with a specially designed logo that recalls the grand Roman Senate with the Roman numeral 'X'.

It's five piece wallet collection is each named after a key person who helped shape the Roman empire. 

Augustus Caesar had the support of his wife, Livia, his military advisor Agrippa, his political advisor Maecenas and his co-consul Piso, who later also managed his finances.

Do drop us an email at to book an appointment or to find out more about what we have in store!

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