Assemble @ Palm Springs Wedding Showcase!

Assemble is very proud to announce that we are a part of the upcoming event, Palm Springs Wedding Showcase, that is happening this coming Saturday (3rd August 2019)!

Alongside with highly-sought-after vendors in the field, you are going to find inspiring bespoke creations and excellent wedding-related services. Inspired by the fine art wedding industry, this wedding showcase is for you and your partner to celebrate the finer details in life!

From bespoke wedding gowns by Caramel & Co. to detailed wedding planning services provided by The Wedding Concepteur, we got you all covered for every aspects you will need for your wedding. Palm Springs Wedding Showcase will be held at Storis’ newly opened Show Gallery at Raffles Hotel, where you get to participate in meaningful and interactive activities with your partner.

Sign up now here to enjoy exciting perks that are only available exclusively at the wedding showcase, and get ready to take home lots of inspiration by your favourite vendors.


Do drop us an email at to book an appointment or if you have any enquiries!

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