Polos + Linen = Perfect CNY Outfit

Tai Ann Teo

Aren’t you guys still catching your breath from all that Christmas gatherings? Now a whole New Year of 2020 has just barely started, and we have to prepare to welcome the Chinese New Year! This year’s CNY is definitely much earlier than we all can expect, and I bet a bunch of people are still searching for their potential #CNYOOTDs. Haven’t quite found the perfect outfit? Here’s some staple wardrobe pieces for your outfit inspirations! One-Piece Collar Polo Shirt I’m sure most of you own some polo tees in your closet. Why not try out our first Off-The-Rack line of...

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Summer Style Linen

Diyanah Kassim

While there are different seasons in most countries across the globe, in Singapore, it feels like summer all year long. When stepping out in the hot sun even for just a few minutes might cause you to sweat profusely, T-shirt and shorts would be the most comfortable way to go.  For the summer season, linen is a popular choice among many. So what is linen exactly? Linen is a natural fibre, made from the stalk of a flax plant, and is also regarded as the best quality fabric in Europe. It is valued because of its coolness and freshness even...

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