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Article: Are Suits Still Relevant During Times of Covid

Are Suits Still Relevant During Times of Covid - Assemble Singapore

Are Suits Still Relevant During Times of Covid

People are back to working from home due to the Phase 2 Heightened Alert, and only receptions are allowed for weddings due to the temporary cessation of dining in. At times like this, many would think to themselves, are Suits still relevant? 

True enough, it has been pretty unpredictable ever since the outbreak of the Covid-19. With everyone staying at home, the demand for formal work wear has deteriorated. Restrictions on having events with large crowds are tightened, which also means less reasons for people to dress up. Hence it might seem as if suits are no longer an essential part of your wardrobe. People are putting aside a lower budget for suits as well due to the postponement of their weddings, with less number of guests attending. 

assemble singapore drago wool linen suit

2-Piece Suit in Wool-Linen from Drago Jacketing Series

This situation might be languishing, but it should not stop you from feeling excited to dress up or compromise on how you look for your special day. It’s your once-in-a-lifetime experience after all! Many might think that the Wedding Suit will just be “for a day only”, and hence allocating a lower budget for tailoring one. However, don’t forget that it is going to be one of your most important days! The Suit will be part of everyone’s memories, permanent in wedding photoshoots, and last but not least, the only item which you can re-use after the big day. 

Right now, this is the best time for you to get creative with your Wedding Suit! Weddings amidst pandemic are small scale, but they can still be fun yet stylish. There has been an increased demand for Casual Suits, with more vibrant colours and of fabrics outside of Wool.


Linens make a perfect tropical outfit, especially great for the weather in Singapore. Get playful with colours for a Linen suit! The most common colour would be a Cream/Beige colour. Being the most neutral colour, it makes an extremely versatile piece which you can match with anything. (Read: Summer Style Linen)

While Linens are very light and breathable, the ability to crease easily is a distinct characteristic of the fabric. The creases form a pleasant texture to the fabric, and many view it as the beauty of Linens.

assemble singapore drago wool linen suit

Close-up of Suit Fabric: 40% Wool, 60% Linen from Drago Jacketing

At the same time, some might prefer their suits to have a more luxurious look. This is when you can consider a Wool-Linen or Wool-Silk-Linen Blend. Having a mixture of Wool will smoothen out the texture, making the fabric less prone to creases, while maintaining a softer look of Linen. With a small percentage of Silk, you will also get a subtle natural sheen on the fabric, for a touch of lushness.

Colours & Patterns

For Gents who would like to step out of their comfort zone, shades of Greens and Browns are your next alternatives to the usual Blues and Greys. They are unconventional, yet still equally practical for your daily wear and stylish in a tasteful manner. 

Having some checks and stripes of contrasting colours will bring out the playfulness of the Suit. The patterns add on dimensions and depth to your Suit, making it one that stands out, in a good way.

assemble singapore drago wool linen suit

Wool-Linen 2-Piece Suit with Shirt & Tie

The versatility of Browns and Greens is endless, they are not that difficult to match or pull off as you think! While a White shirt is a timeless classic, a Blue or Blue-White striped shirt is a good choice to soften the colour of your Suit. Light Pink shirts can be very flattering as well. Together with a complementing tie, here you have your formal attire with the full 2-Piece Suit.

assemble singapore drago wool linen suit

Wool-Linen Suit Jacket with One Piece Collar Polo & Cotton Chinos

You can also easily switch out the Suit and wear them as separates. Matching the Suit Jacket with a Navy Blue or Grey pants is great for a business casual look. For a smart casual day out, you can always rock a pair of cotton chinos in Beige or White with a simple tee or polo shirt.

Fit of Suit

assemble singapore drago wool linen suit

A Casual Look for Wool-Linen Suit

The “Zoom Casual” has become the norm for most people now, and Gents will have to adapt their working wardrobe for the circumstances. Comfort became the top priority for most people, hence we see a shift in preference for a softer and more relaxed fit over the tapered formal look. Fabrics like Linens or Wool-Silk-Linens can achieve the unstructured silhouette with their lightness, giving you maximum breathability at the same time.


All in all, Suits are still an essential part of every Gents’ wardrobe and you should not compromise on the quality of the Suits. Rather than cutting down your budget or not having one tailored, why not expand your options and try out different colours and styles! Who says classic menswear is boring? Take this opportunity to expand beyond the conventionals!

If you have any other questions, feel free to hit us up at +65 8742 6863 and we would be happy to assist you. You can also book an appointment by clicking here. Be sure to follow us on Instagram at @assemblesg and like us on Facebook!

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