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Article: About Safari Jackets: Your New Summer Staple

About Safari Jackets: Your New Summer Staple - Assemble Singapore

About Safari Jackets: Your New Summer Staple

We complain a lot about the weather on our sunny island, all the time. There are times when it suddenly rains and gets really humid, and other times the sun is blazing through our skin that you just want to stay indoors with the air-conditioning blasted at maximum speed.

With such a crazy climate, how would you like to dress up when having a Suit Jacket is too much for the event, or it’s going to drench you into perspiration? The Safari Jacket might just be the right answer for you!

Safari Jackets in the Past

Many classic menswear originates from the military in history. These clothes are meant to be highly functional, providing assistance to the wearer during combat and survival. In the 20th century, the Safari Jackets were also largely used for hunting. Also known as Bush Jackets, the Safari Jackets were made in mostly khaki cotton drill fabrics, which have high breathability properties to keep the wearer cool and comfortable throughout the day.

assemble singapore tailor safari jacket

Prince Charles & Ernest Hemingway in Safari Jacket

Safari Jackets are also known for their 4 bellow pockets at the front, pleated to provide a large capacity. The wearer will have the ease of access to their several equipment, bullets and small weapons for the military, compasses and binoculars for the adventurers. 

assemble singapore tailor safari jacket

Prince Charles in Safari Jacket

Certainly, the Safari Jacket has evolved with time according to the change in needs and purpose of the apparel. We see more variations in the fabrics used, depending on the structural needs or for the 4 different seasons. People are also styling the Safari Jackets in many more ways. One of the most iconic looks graced by Prince Charles was a clean short sleeved, or a rolled-up long sleeve Safari Jacket, paired with matching pants. 

assemble singapore tailor safari jacket

Roger Moore as James Bond in Safari Jacket

When talking about Roger Moore in the James Bond series, it’s hard to leave out the several Safari Jackets he wore as well! From a casual safari shirt of a relaxed fit to a nicely tailored jacket, Roger Moore definitely pulled off all looks in style. 

Safari Jackets in Our Daily Lives

Of all that said, why should we all own one in our wardrobes? 


Looking at how it has evolved over the eras, from being a military uniform, a hunter’s must-have, to playing a part in the fashion history, a Safari Jacket has proven itself to be one of the most sartorial menswear garments. It is definitely a staple to have in every Gents’ wardrobe, as it can only get better with time. This is why high-end fashion brands like Saint Laurent, Tom Ford and Dolce & Gabbana are creating their own renditions of Safari Jackets as well.

Fabrics & Fit

While cotton drills were commonly used in the past, the fabrics of Safari Jackets have also been adapted to the several climates. Gents are having Safari Jackets tailored in worsted wool of heavier weight for a clean and structured silhouette, sometimes in tweed or corduroy for the Fall and Winter seasons. 

assemble singapore tailor safari jacket

Inverted Box Pleat at the back for mobility

We are embracing linens for a softer silhouette too. Especially in Singapore, something light and sweat-friendly would be very much appreciated. Fully unlined, the apparel essentially feels as light as an over-shirt, but purposes as a jacket. This also contributes to the relaxed, unstructured look. Having a tailored fit or slightly oversized, you will still achieve a smart yet laid back flair. What’s more, the inverted pleat at the back of the jacket lends you an extra space for better mobility, which fitted outfits usually are not able to provide. 


Safari Jackets are the perfect apparel which you can dress up for your 9-5 routine, and easily switch to a night out with your friends after. From Monday to Sunday, you can so effortlessly pull off a Safari Jacket through the week for every occasion, anytime and anywhere.

assemble singapore tailor safari jacket

Off-The-Rack Linen Safari Shacket - Ivory

Smarten up your work attires with a classic navy blue or a neutral ivory Safari Jacket. With the slightly relaxed fit, you can layer up your formal shirt with no problem. Throw on a tie for a formal meeting, and your bosses or clients will entrust you wholeheartedly!

assemble singapore tailor safari jacket

Off-The-Rack Linen Safari Shacket - Sangria

You’re given a dress code of smart casual, and not so sure what to wear to meet the fine line in between too formal or too casual? Just simply put on a polo tee and a tailored pair of pants, and complete it with a complementing Safari Jacket. Here you have a neat outfit without overdressing.

assemble singapore tailor safari jacket

Off-The-Rack Linen Safari Shacket - Tangerine

Get funky with styling and colours during the weekends! Switch out all the dressy garments, and replace them with your favourite tee and shorts. Keep the rest of your outfit neutral, and go for colours like mustard or olive green for your Safari Jacket to let it stand out as a statement piece. 

A Jacket for Anyone, A Fit for All

assemble singapore tailor safari jacket

Available at Accent

Well, who says only Men can dress sartorially? The Safari Jackets are so versatile and universal, they are not limited to just the Gents. Ladies have the chance to enjoy the marvellous craftsmanship as well! Get creative with the outfits you are able to coordinate with this utilitarian styled jacket. A bright pink or neon green for a really bold look, or a soft brown or cool grey for a more feminine touch, ladies can enjoy the limitless options a Safari Jacket offers. 

assemble singapore tailor safari jacket

Coordinated Earthy Brown & Olive 

For the lovey dovey couples, this could be your new best choice of couple wear. It’s time to ditch the cheesy matching tees, and be the most stylish pair in town! You don’t have to dress in jackets of the same colours, go with coordinating colours. Earthy colours, cool tones or warm tones, it’s up to you on how you want to match. In fact, just choose your own favourite colours and I’m sure they will still look good together!

This can be an option for wedds-to-be, who are planning to keep their pre-wedding shoots casual, without having to wear an all-out wedding gown and suit. Rather than perspiring through the layers, you’ll be in much more comfort having the photoshoot in a Safari Jacket, which can breeze you through the sunshine, or keep you warm if it turns chilly at night.

Assemble’s Off-the-Rack Summer Safari Collection

A brand new off-the-rack collection, we present you Assemble’s own rendition of the Safari Jackets! Preserving the functionality, the four bellow front pockets come with an inverted pleat to maximise capacity for ease of access to your loose and smaller items. 

assemble singapore tailor safari jacket

Featuring Elastic Drawstring Waistband

Rather than having a belted waistband, our Safari Jackets come with an in-built elastic drawstring around the waist instead. You’ll have the flexibility to adjust the waist to any degree you desire! Tighten the waist for a more defined waistline when you would like to leave the jacket unbuttoned, or release the drawstring for a roomier fit.

Available in sizes XS to XL, both ladies and gentlemen can get your hands on our all-time favourite summer piece! 7 colours for 7 days, check out the collection here now!

If you have any other questions, feel free to hit us up at +65 8742 6863 and we would be happy to assist you. You can also book an appointment by clicking here. Be sure to follow us on Instagram at @assemblesg and like us on Facebook!

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