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Article: What Kind of Ties Should You Own

What Kind of Ties Should You Own - Assemble Singapore

What Kind of Ties Should You Own

Just like your tailored shirts and suits, ties are also an essential part of your wardrobe which you should be building on as well. Ties, among other accessories, are the most versatile as they can change up your looks for different occasions. There are so many designs and types of ties, so where should you start? As you start your tie collection, you should be looking for functionality and versatility as foundation pieces. Here we have picked out 5 types of ties which all men should own.

1. Dark Solid-coloured Tie

assemble maroon shantung tie

Burgundy Wine Shantung Tie

Just like any suit, a dark solid-coloured tie will never go wrong. It is one which you can match with any of your outfits. Regardless of the colours, this tie compliments all interchangeable wardrobe. A classic dark navy blue tie is perfect for formal meetings, while a burgundy red tie is good for business casual or social gatherings.

2. Regimental Striped Tie

assemble regimental block striped blue brown tie

Blue Brown Regimental Striped Tie

The Regimental Striped Tie is a classic which will never go out of style, which makes sense to invest in one for the long term. Being one with rich British culture, regimental ties are traditionally used for informal settings. A dinner during weekends or casual socialising would be suitable for you to wear a regimental tie. It is also appropriate for business meetings as well. 

3. Plaid Tie

assemble light brown plain tie

 Light Brown Plaid Tie

It is good to have some variations in the ties you own. While solid ties are versatile, they can be too formal for non-business events, hence some patterns in your ties would be a nice addition as well. Plaid ties are very subtle, which do not attract a lot of attention, and yet complement your outfit tastefully. Plaids involve multiple strips of varying widths and colours crossing each other. If you do not prefer bold patterns, try those which consist of fine and condensed lines which appear really soft on the eyes.

4. Motifs Tie

assemble maroon motif tie

Vintage Madder Motif Tie

Motif consists of repeated shapes to form a pattern, and one of which is more widely-known is paisley. Paisley is an ornamental pattern, made up of teardrop shapes and decorated with other small shapes, like flowers and dots, as embellishment. More often than not, you will recognise paisleys on batik fabrics. Being one of the most popular ties these days, motif ties help to spruce up even your most simple outfits, for both formal and informal events. Many love a motif tie especially for weddings, as it is a fun and vibrant addition to your outfit!

5. Grenadine Tie

assemble mocha brown knit tie

Mocha Brown Grenadine Tie

Grenadine ties commonly come in solid colours, however what’s different about them is that they have a strong yet sophisticated texture. Unlike knit ties, grenadine ties are made from highly twisted silk yarns, hence resulting in an unique sheen with distinct weaves. It helps to bring out layers and dimensions in your outfit, such that it does not look boring despite the plain colours. Not many people are familiar with grenadine ties, hence if you own one, you’ll definitely stand out in the crowd in a subtle and classy way. 

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