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Article: Things to Take Note of During Actual Day Wedding Shoot (Featuring LensofMira)

Things to Take Note of During Actual Day Wedding Shoot (Featuring LensofMira) - Assemble Singapore
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Things to Take Note of During Actual Day Wedding Shoot (Featuring LensofMira)

After months of preparations, your wedding day will pass by like a breeze. It will become a fond memory for everyone, taking away this special day captured in stills by your photographer. Many times when you look back at your photographs, there will be a tinge of regret, "I should have done this, I shouldn't have done that, why was my Suit so creased". Small details of your Suit might ruin your otherwise flawless wedding album.

Here are some tips for you to take note of, for your lifelong picture-perfect moments!

Button only the top button of your Suit Jacket

If your Suit Jacket has 2 buttons, it does not imply that you will have to button up both. On the contrary, it is an unspoken rule that you should button only the top, and never the bottom. This is one of the most frequently made mistakes by grooms. (Read: The Not-So-Known Suit Buttoning Rules)

assemble lensofmira wedding suit shoot

In fact, because of this buttoning rule, many times Suit Jackets are made in such a way that the fit is perfect with the last button released (especially when it is a tailored one). This means that if the last button is fastened, the fit of the Suit Jacket will be too tight and body-hugging.

Keep your Pockets empty and free

assemble lensofmira wedding suit shoot

With a nicely tailored suit, what you would want is a sleek and sophisticated look for yourself. On your wedding day, try to carry as few items in your Suit as possible. You will perhaps at most need your phone with you, but keep it in your back pocket. When you have your wallets or other bulky items in your pockets, it will create a weight and add on volume to your Suit. This in turn breaks off the clean silhouette and affects the overall fit of your Suit as well. 

Plan your Accessories

From ties, pocket squares down to your socks and shoes, there are many ways that you can spruce up your classic Wedding Suit. Choose your accessories wisely, depending on the colour and texture/pattern of your Suit fabric, and the theme of your wedding. Just be careful not to overcrowd! 

assemble lensofmira wedding suit shoot

Wedding florists will usually provide you with a boutonniere to be pinned on your Suit Jacket, hence most of the time grooms do not require a lapel pin. (Read: Wedding Suit Ideas for the Grooms) This leaves you down to a choice of either pocket squares or ties. You can funk up your look with a vibrant pocket square for a laidback casual lunch wedding solemnisation, and leave your shirt unbuttoned at the top. Alternatively, a timeless regimental striped tie will never go out of style for a formal dinner banquet.

Bonus: How to Tie a Tie

Most commonly used method would be the Half/Full Windsor Knots. These methods create a triangular symmetrical knot, due to the 2 wrappings of the tie. However this also results in a bigger knot. Half and Full Windsor Knots are only recommended for taller Gents who have a larger neck.

assemble lensofmira wedding suit shoot

A Four-in-Hand Knot would be our favourite method to tie a tie. It is not only one of the easiest ways, it also involves a shorter length of the tie. You will be able to easily estimate the length of your tie to sit just above your pants. At the same time, Four-in-Hand Knot is smaller than a Half/Full Windsor, hence it will look less chunky around your neck area. (Watch: Full Tutorial on How to Tie a Four-in-Hand Knot)

Shirt Sleeves to show under Suit Jacket

A rule of thumb when it comes to sleeve lengths: about ½ inch of Shirt sleeves should be shown under the sleeves of Suit Jacket. Avoid having the entire cuffs of the Shirt sleeves revealed, and the sleeves of the Suit should not cover the Shirt sleeves as well.

assemble lensofmira wedding suit shoot

Typically when you have your Suit and Shirt made, your tailor would have taken the sleeve lengths into consideration. You don’t have to be overly obsessive over the sleeves on your actual day, just simply have a pull when it’s time for your photographer to snap some photos!

Remember to adjust your Pants

On your Actual day, you will expect yourself to be moving around a lot, be it walking down the aisle or greeting your guests. It will be inevitable that your pants will ride up or slide down every time you walk or move away from your seat. This will create bunches of excess fabrics, especially around your crotch area. A little tug on your pants is all you need to adjust it back to its original stance, and clean up the unnecessary creases.

assemble lensofmira wedding suit shoot

Furthermore, as your pants slide down lower than the intended height to be worn at, a small triangle of your shirt will be revealed underneath your Suit Jacket. This is not ideal as the triangle breaks up your proportions. What you’ll want to achieve is a seamless silhouette with your tailored suit. 

Preferred Photography Partner - Lensofmira:

As a full-time wedding photographer, Brandon also does event (family, birthdays, corporate etc) and lifestyle fashion shoots. He is also the resident photographer of multiple home grown labels such as Assemble. As our preferred partner, you'll get to enjoy credits at Assemble with LoM, so do check out his work on Instagram!

If you have any other questions, feel free to hit us up at +65 8742 6863 and we would be happy to assist you. You can also book an appointment by clicking here. Be sure to follow us on Instagram at @assemblesg and like us on Facebook!

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