Do You Wear Your Suit Jacket with A Seatbelt?

Isn’t it real suave when James Bond hopped onto his car during a mission, or when Eggsy navigates his high-technology Kingsman black taxi in their suits?

assemble suit jacket sealtbelt driving

Sorry to burst your bubble, but movies will remain a fiction. You should never have your Suit Jacket on when driving, and the main reason would be the Seatbelt. Seatbelts will put pressure on your jackets, causing wrinkles. This is especially important, as people are leaning towards more lightweight fabrics, or fabrics of higher super numbers, which are not the best crease-resistant fabrics.

assemble suit jacket sealtbelt driving

The seatbelts will also result in wear and tear over prolonged abrasions against the suit fabrics. At the same time, frictions cause an unpleasant shining on the surface of the suit. As suit jackets are usually made of non-stretchable fabrics, there will be needless tugging on the seams of the suit when driving.

assemble suit jacket seatbelt driving

In films, the actors have to be in their full suits for the cinematic effects, and they can be immersed in their characters for the particular scene. You wouldn’t want to watch them remove their jackets in the middle of an adrenaline-pumping criminal-seizing scene!

assemble suit jacket sealtbelt driving

The right way is to remove your Suit Jacket and have it hanged at the back of the car. If you are someone who needs to suit up and is always on the go, it is always useful to keep a suit hanger in your car. The wide and curved hanger can help to maintain the shape of the jacket, and smoothen out some creases from your previous wear.

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