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Article: What Is Hopsack and Why It Is A Favorite For Gents

What Is Hopsack and Why It Is A Favorite For Gents - Assemble Singapore

What Is Hopsack and Why It Is A Favorite For Gents

If you are feeling adventurous and looking for a new piece of fabric to try on this Spring/Summer, we have got you covered. By now, you would have heard of linen, linen blend and seersucker fabrics, which have been pretty commonly sold in retail stores and off the rack shelves lately.

Well, have you heard of hopsack? Hopsack has increasingly become a unique pick especially this Spring/Summer. Hopsack is easier to tailor and creates a more casual, wearable garment due to its intentional coarse texture. It is made from wool and sewn in loose weaves, which gives it plenty of amazing qualities such as being very lightweight, breathable, and wrinkle resistant. With that, there is no more fussing and worrying about having to get your suit jackets and pants steamed and/or pressed!

Hopsack is not technically a fabric, but rather a method of weaving. It’s basket weave texture creates a unique feel to a tailored garment. Made from wool, the coarseness of the pattern creates a slight fuzz. Nonetheless, it still leaves you looking appropriate and presentable, even when you need to go for outdoor meetings or events where you are required to be slightly active.

a person standing hopsack suit

This client picked a baby blue hopsack suit for his wedding in Sri Lanka. With its lightweight and breathable qualities, you can look your best while walking down the aisle and without worrying about breaking a sweat!  

Hopsack can be used as an all year-round suit – it’s a go-to pick for a sporty classic navy blazer. But in a full suit, it becomes a really sharp summer suit. Do not let its delicacy compromise your daring ways to try out new styles. Hopsack’s unmatched versatility makes for a fantastic pair of fabric, be it for an important business meeting, interview or even on a casual date.

For more formal occasions, you can match your hopsack jackets or pants with a fitted shirt and a silk tie. When you are going for a smart casual look, you can then consider a brown hopsack jacket with navy trousers and a white cotton shirt for the Stallion Look. These jackets can practically be worn with everything, without you having to worry about having to keep it neatly pressed or if it might cause you to perspire. Its qualities allows you to be able to pull off a stunning gentlemen’s look in the heat without sweating profusely. Hopsack is also easy to maintain and it retains enough body to not lose its shape. 

man standing hopsack suit
Forest green suit with patch pockets and burnt orange button/buttonhole color

Did you know that we also offer customizable linings? The design above was drawn by our client's partner and it was transformed into a inner suit lining! Wearable designs are not only unique, but it also gives a more personal touch to any outfits. Click here to find out more. 

With the many interesting fabrics and textures that you can experiment, you will never run out of styles and ways to mix and match your outfits. Did we forget to mention that our hopsack ranges are also water-repellant? Not only do you stay cool, it keeps your body protected from light drizzles/ rain!

Do drop us an email at to book an appointment now.

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