About Polo Shirts: Why & How to Style

Speaking of polo shirts, many relate this apparel to uncles. The first image that probably comes to your mind is a combination of cotton chinos and flip flops, or perhaps the Malaysian comedian’s alter ego, Uncle Roger, in his bright orange polo tee. 

Many’s impression of polo shirts being old and mature was probably due to the influence of media, uncles usually being portrayed in loose and unkempt polo shirts. However polo shirts are actually one of the most classic menswear apparel which many fashion brands still produce till date.

Polos in the Past

There are many versions as to how polo shirts came about, some say they originated from the UK, while others debated that polo players in India were the true pioneers. Regardless of where it came from, we all know one thing for sure is that a polo shirt was largely used for sports activities. From football, canoe polo to golf, polo shirts became an essential sports attire, and also an icon of identity. 

Why Choose a Polo Shirt?

Jersey Knit Polo Tee - Cream

If most sports players are decked out in polo shirts, you will be guaranteed maximum comfort and mobility from the apparel. Polo shirts usually come in cotton fabrics, be it knitted or ribbed, and they provide high breathability due to the porosity of the fabric. These loosely knitted fabrics are also fairly stretchable, giving you the allowance for large movements. If the sports players can stay under the hot sun with high physical activities in a polo shirt, so can you!

Styling A Polo Shirt

So how does a sports apparel become a classic menswear? Rene Lacoste saw both the beauty and flaws in the traditional polo shirts as a tennis player himself, and invented his own tennis shirts, which are now largely known as the crocodile brand, Lacoste. Ralph Lauren also created his own line of polo shirts, Polo Ralph Lauren, which is many people’s go-to choice for polo shirts. 

Of course, the film and entertainment industry was also a catalyst for the change in people’s perception of polo shirts. One of the most notable looks was Daniel Craig gracing a timeless navy blue polo in Casino Royale. Matched with a pair of sunglasses and khaki cotton chinos, it’s hard to forget this simple yet classy look. Stealing the look from Mr Bond, certainly polo shirts are the perfect casual wear, for a picnic at Sentosa or a brunch date at a cafe.

One Piece Collar Polo Tee matched with Linen Safari Shacket

For those working in an environment which doesn’t require you to dress formally, a polo shirt is also highly recommended, as it strikes a balance between casual and formal. You can look smart with a nicely fitted polo shirt, without being over nor underdressed. Wear it with tailored formal pants for a business casual look!

Jersey Knit Polo Tee matched with Navy-Brown Windowpane Sports Jacket

To bring your outfit up a notch, you can easily layer it up with a jacket as well. If it gets too cold indoors, why not throw on a Safari Jacket? The unlined and unstructured jacket is sure to give you the right amount of warmth and comfort. Need to attend a last minute business meeting? You’ll just simply have to drape over a Suit Jacket! It can be a matching jacket with your pants, or a sports jacket in a complementing colour. 


Polo shirts are such a versatile piece which open up to so many varieties of outfits. From casual to formal, you can easily dress them up for all occasions. To have a polo shirt as a staple in your wardrobe, my tip would be to keep the colour palettes neutral, such as earth tones or navy blue, and you’ll be able to achieve a clean and sartorial look. Afraid of having the uncle look? Avoid having large logo embroideries on the polo shirts too!

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