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Article: 3 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Wedding Planning Now

3 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Wedding Planning Now - Assemble Singapore

3 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Wedding Planning Now

2020 is definitely an unexpected one, with the global pandemic in place. Events have been cancelled, social gathering restricted, and wedding plans postponed indefinitely. Thankfully the Covid-19 situation is becoming more controlled, regulations for Weddings have also been relaxed, allowing guest lists to be extended up to 100 people.

pixioo assemble wedding suit

Photo by Samuel (Pixioo)

If you are one of the couples who are looking to quickly get the ceremony over and done with, or going to resume your wedding planning once Singapore opens up for Phase 3, it is prime time to kickstart the preparation for your Wedding Suit now!

Essentially, we recommend you start hunting for your Wedding Suit at least 2-3 months in advance. Noticing a trend among our clients, Wedding Suit is usually the one of the final steps of their planning, and it turned out that the suits are much more than “just a suit”. The completion of a Suit at Assemble approximately takes about 6 weeks but give yourself ample time, to prevent rushed decisions and having last minute heart-attacks.

1. Deciding on your Wedding Suit

We all know how important a perfect Wedding Dress is, but while your fiancée finds The One, you should be looking out for yours too! More often than not, clients ask for a Navy Blue or Black suit just because it is the easiest, and they are unsure of what other options they have. (Read:

assemble pixoo wedding suit

Photo by Samuel (Pixioo)

There are many things which you can consider before finalizing your Suit:

  • How often will you be wearing your Suit after the Wedding? Do you wear a Suit for work?
  • Is your Wedding ceremony a simple lunch or a dinner banquet? You would not want a casual suit for a more formal ceremony.
  • Do you have a colour scheme or theme for the ceremony? What will your fiancée be wearing?

These pointers will create a guideline for you to decide on the most appropriate fabric type and design. Bring along your fiancée during consultation sessions to discuss about the colours. It is always good to have an additional opinion to help you decide on the style. Alternatively, you can also look up for some styling inspirations and references on Instagram or Pinterest, and the styling team will give you some advices as well!

2. Time for Grooming

Hair is also a crucial part of your look on your Wedding Day. Whether you want to have long or short hair, bearded or clean-shaven, give yourself some time to grow out your hair. As such, you will be able to get a nice fresh cut at your barber’s. A good hairstyle is very important to men, isn’t it? You certainly want to leave a good impression on your fiancée’s relatives and friends!

blissful brides assemble wedding style shoot

Photo by Brandon (LensofMira)

Our recommendation for an optimum period to go for your final trim is one week prior to the wedding. Let your new style settle to look more natural, while still looking clean and sharp.

3. Source for Accessories

Photo by Brandon (LensofMira)

Having your Wedding Suit done is, without doubt, not enough. Will you be wearing a tie or bowtie? What coloured shoes should you be wearing? Are you having a boutonnière on your actual day?

Here’s a tip for you: Purchase your dress shoes early. Wear them a few times to break into the new piece of leather. It is going to be hectic on your Big Day and having uncomfortable shoes would be the last thing you want on your mind. Two or three wears prior will be good enough to ease out and soften the leather slightly for more comfort.

Time to Kickstart Wedding Prep

With a comfortable timeline until your actual day, you can take the stress off and have proper discussions with your fiancée. Give yourself more time, about 4-6 weeks extra, so you are able to enjoy the process of putting together your suave look. It's not a good idea to rush into things and regret when you look at your wedding album in the future!

P.S. If you are attempting to shave off those stubborn fats or en route to bulking up - don't be afraid to start tailoring early. Multiple fittings are in place to keep us updated with your new measurements. Sound your tailor out and we will be able to work out a suitable timeline for your fittings till your big day.

If you have any other questions, feel free to hit us up at +65 8742 6863 and we would be happy to assist you. You can also book an appointment by clicking here. Be sure to follow us on Instagram at @assemblesg and like us on Facebook!

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