What A Waist! - How to Adorn Your Waist

Are you looking to spice up your closet with a fancy pair of tailored pants? Or just wondering how far can you go with customization while dreaming up your next addition? Look no further, because these are all the different kinds of waistbands made available here at Assemble.


With a pair of tailored trousers, there wouldn’t be a need for belts to hold them up. However, if you have a belt that you’d like to show off, just add some classic belt loops. Easy to throw on, this pair of simple and clean trousers is a must have staple in your wardrobe. Go on about your day unhindered and distraction free.


An elevated take on the classic trousers, the front tab waistband adds an understated elegance to your everyday style. Single buttons are available as well for a more subtle look. Don’t fancy belts? Too much of a hassle to match them to your shoes? Don’t worry! Besides being cut flawlessly to your proportions, one of the many pros of getting a bespoke suit made is the freedom of customization.
Doubling up on the extended tab, this waistline gives an illusion of wearing a belt while still maintaining a simplistic yet sophisticated silhouette. For a more customizable fit, you can opt for the extended split tabs.


Originally found on the uniforms donned by Nepalese troops who fought in World War II, Gurkha waistbands are intricate and functional.  Experiment with colours on your very own pair of Gurkha trousers.

If any of these pants tickled your taste buds and you wish to make one of your own, you can find us at 181 Orchard Road Orchard Central #04-04/05/06 Singapore 238896. For all tailoring services, we go by appointments only! Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 8742 6863 or drop us an email at hello@assemblesg.com.

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