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An Original Artwork by Keith (@angmohkeith). Inspired by classic American tattoo flash, Japanese ukiyo-e prints and Naruto Shippuden, you can definitely get the best of both Western and Japanese styles with Keith's designs.

Tiger is all about strength and courage in Japanese context. A Samurai's armour is known to be taken away after losing a battle. To keep their identities, Samurais kept tattoos, which was often tigers, so they can fight fearlessly. Tigers are also able to protect Samurais' spirits in their afterlife.

Bamboos are a peaceful existence, but they double up the tenacity of tigers. It is a rare kind of plants which is able to withstand even the strongest hurricanes. Fight through the battles and endure all the obstacles that life has for you.

The Oriental Tiger by @AngMohKeith - Assemble Singapore
The Oriental Tiger by @AngMohKeith Sale price$120.00