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An Original Artwork by Gillian (@gildebeest). Best known for her Split-head designs, Gillian loves drawing faces, but with a surreal twist to it. 

We can never leave out snakes and peony flowers from Japanese-inspired tattoos. 

Snakes are well-received by men and women alike, hence a symbol which is very popular in many tattoo cultures, be it Native American, African or Chinese. In Japanese culture, the snakes represent protection against illness and bad luck. It is also a symbol of strength, change and wisdom.

Peony symbolises wealth, good fortune and prosperity. It was crowned the King of Flowers, as they were only grown in the gardens of Imperial palaces in China, which slowly spread to Asia, especially Japan. 

Snake & Peony by @Gildebeest - Assemble Singapore
Snake & Peony by @Gildebeest Sale price$120.00