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An Original Artwork by Xin Li (@xinli29288). For limited time only.

A nostalgic look at Singapore as a whole, 6.33m x 2.74m in specifics. Inspired by his illustrations during his travels in Europe, Xin Li brought the drawings back to rediscover his homeland. This artwork is a mixture of present and the past structures, within the many towns and former kampongs or even the wild life of the Southern Islands. With such intricate details, explore Peta Singapura and who knows, you might find something close to your heart!

Infuse yourself into the rich and authentic Singaporean culture. It is not just any jacket, but a piece of an art. Check out the full artwork here!

Peta Singapura II by Lee Xin Li - Assemble Singapore
Peta Singapura II by Lee Xin Li Sale price$150.00