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An Original Artwork by Xin Li (@xinli29288). For limited time only.

Created for the Imaginarium: Into the Space of Time exhibition in 2018, this artwork explores the theme of space and time by encouraging "time travel" through inter-generational dialogue and the recollection of memories from the viewers. Installed as a wall mural, the entire artwork spanned about 17 meters wide, creating a Finding Waldo experience! As a development from his Peta Singapura series, In Our Time has included several elements of nostalgia, such as the famous comedian duo, Wang Sa and Yeh Fong. You will also see Xin Li's quirks with a mixture of pop culture, perhaps a Darth Vadar wandering in the woods.

Infuse yourself into the rich and authentic Singaporean culture. It is not just any jacket, but a piece of an art. Check out the full artwork here!

In Our Time by Lee Xin Li - Assemble Singapore
In Our Time by Lee Xin Li Sale price$150.00