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Hannya Lurk by @Gildebeest


An Original Artwork by Gillian (@gildebeest). Best known for her Split-head designs, Gillian loves drawing faces, but with a surreal twist to it. 

Characterised with sharp horns and teeth, mournful eyes, and a wide mouth, the Hannya mask is often seen to be demonic, angry and sinister. However behind the vicious face lies an expression of betrayal and sorrow. It was used in many Japanese plays, of which the most popular was Lady Rokujo. As a mistress of Prince Genji, she was neglected after Prince Genji's wife became pregnant, hence transformed into a devil and possessed the wife after feeling devastated. 

Despite a tsunami of negativity, the word "Hannya" represents "wisdom" in Japanese, and masks are often used as a symbol of "good luck".

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