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An Original Artwork by Gillian (@gildebeest). Best known for her Split-head designs, Gillian loves drawing faces, but with a surreal twist to it. 

If you are into Japanese Pop culture, you would have definitely seen a Kitsune mask before. It appeared in many popular anime and manga series, including Naruto, and even in Pokémon as Vulpix and Ninetales. 

With its primary form as a fox, Kitsune is well known for its ability to shapeshift. When Kitsune has a charm of complexity, Geishas are pure beauties of high respect. The combination of Geisha and Kitsune exudes an air of mystery, portraying the wittiness of a lady.

Geisha-Masked Kistune by @Gildebeest - Assemble Singapore
Geisha-Masked Kistune by @Gildebeest Sale price$120.00