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Article: Why You Should Pick Fabrics With Higher GMs

Why You Should Pick Fabrics With Higher GMs - Assemble Singapore

Why You Should Pick Fabrics With Higher GMs

Did you know that the weight of fabrics affects and determines the comfort and drape of your outfit?

There are a few things that you should take note of when choosing a fabric to your liking. One of the more important aspects to take note of is the weight of these fabrics.

At first you may feel overwhelmed by the different kinds of fabrics that the tailor will show you during your appointments or fittings. However, fabrics are easily distinguished and selected if you know the right weights and properties.

Fabric weight is usually measured in ounces(oz) or in GM(grams).

Suit Fabrics

For suit fabrics, light fabrics weigh around <230 GM, light/medium fabrics weigh from 240 - 290 GM and the heavier fabrics such as wool weigh from 300 GM upwards.

If you ever swing by any tailor shops, you would be greeted by fabrics typically between 210-290GM, which is still suitable for the tropical weather. You may also request for specific fabrics that cater medium to heavy weight, and at the same time of a porous weave.

High GM fabrics are more suitable for people who seek natural drapes as it leaves little room for wrinkles and creases to form. With that in mind, you can be sure that you will look sharp and well-groomed in these fabrics.  

Lighter fabrics like linen and cotton are suitable for the summer season, to prevent us from breaking a sweat in the sweltering heat. Do note that there are also medium &/or heavy weight linen & cotton available upon request to your respective tailor. Given how Singapore is warm almost all year long, we would recommend linen or hopsack fabrics to get you through the day! Refer to our posts about linen and hopsack fabrics to find out more.  


Wool, however, comes in a wider range of weights that you can choose from, starting from the Super 110s – Super 200s+ depending on the thread counts. However, there are instances where these threads may come in thicker or thinner sizes which we can leave to another topic.

One of the few things that you may prioritize when making a suit is the style, quality and comfort of the suit. Many people have the impression that fabrics of higher GMs are heavier, and too warm to be worn out in Singapore. Although this may partly be true, however there are also fabrics of high GMs, which are breathable and porous as well.

Such as our Huddersfield FRESCO series which is available in 36 colours, these fabrics has all of the performance and wrinkle resistance you'd ever need. Known as the 'Ultimate Travel Suit', it comes in the classic 280GM/310GM or even the famous 3 ply 470GM sequence!

Fresco III - 510266
9/10oz, 100% Wool

Therefore, you can get fabrics with a higher GM, which at the same time allows you to achieve a nice drape, while also letting you walk in the heat all day without breaking a sweat. 

If you have any enquiries or you simply need a tailor to help you select a fabric and recommend you the best styles possible, we would be happy to assist you in selecting a fabric fit for your style.

Do drop us an email at to book an appointment now!

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