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Article: Why should I go for a Made to Measure suit when I can easily get them Off-the-rack?

Why should I go for a Made to Measure suit when I can easily get them Off-the-rack? - Assemble Singapore

Why should I go for a Made to Measure suit when I can easily get them Off-the-rack?

Do you ever struggle to find a suit that fits you perfectly? Have you ever purchased suits that would look 10 times better only if it had undergone an alteration overhaul? Do you also find that Off-the-rack (OTR) suits are mostly a hit or miss fit? Chances are, unless you have a mannequin body shape, Made-to-Measure (MTM) could be your only solution.

There are many ways to find a perfect suit without spending extra time and money on adjustments. The last thing you should do is to settle for an OTR suit that doesn’t provide you with a good enough fit, and then cough up even more money on alterations. We did a random enquiry with a local alterations price list - altering a jacket sleeve length costs $45 upwards, shoulder width shortening at $90 upwards, and tapering of waist at $70 upwards respectively. Do note that costs are generally higher should you approach seamstresses in non-neighborhood areas.

Why go through the trouble of purchasing OTR suits and then go around hunting for an alterations seamstress afterwards when you can get it done all under one roof? For what it's worth, you may even find yourself spending alot more than what you think. With that same amount of expenditure, you can actually get a more well-fitted MTM suit!

Let us tell you the benefits of having a tailor at your fingertips. MTM suits typically refers to custom clothing that are cut and sewn (usually mix of hand and machine) using a base pattern. That's why we call ourselves "ASSEMBLE" - everything we do is "hand-assembled". These standard patterns are then adjusted according to a client’s measurements.

Your postures and asymmetrical/imbalanced shoulders are definitely accounted for. Have a huge belly, or a hunched spine? Fret not, our cutting templates can be fine tuned accordingly with fitting sessions provided along the way. Our tailors will also have most of them cleared out in no time!

Besides getting a suit that finally fits you nicely, getting a made to measure suit gives you more options to play around with when it comes to the customisations. For MTM suits, you can go to the extent of customising your lapels, cuffs, vents, pockets, buttons, buttonhole colour, construction types, inner linings and more!

In addition, with the increasing number of people switching from belt loops to side adjusters, you can also consider this option when making a pair of trousers with your tailor. Side adjusters spares you the agony & frustration of having to decide to match your belt and shoe colour! About 95% of our clients have been returning for side adjusters because of its convenience. 

The lead time to get your clothing made to measured is about 4-5 weeks (inclusive of 1-2 fittings) depending on what you intend to tailor. However, if you need your orders within a certain deadline, do speak with us and we can discuss on hitting the express-priority option.

Come and give yourself that extra flair to dress to impress. Be it for an upcoming meeting, presentation, wedding function, interview, or just on random days where you simply wish to look dapper, you can even show your tailors the styles that you like (Jay Gatsby from The Great Gatsby, Tommy Shelby from Peaky Blinders, George Clooney at the Royal Wedding, etc) and they can suggest the best styles possible or even recreate the look for you.

Do drop us an email at for any enquiries or if you wish to book an appointment. You can also drop by Assemble at Orchard Central, #04-29 (opposite Genki Sushi) to have a look at what we have in store!

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