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Article: Sure Ways of Avoiding A Saggy Collar

Sure Ways of Avoiding A Saggy Collar - Assemble Singapore

Sure Ways of Avoiding A Saggy Collar

Have you ever experienced days where your shirt collar just wouldn’t stay up how you’d like it to? Does it drive you nuts how everything else seems to fall into place except for that tiny part of your clothing? 

It might seem like such a minor issue for some, but looking your best also means that each and every tiny detail matters. Well, one of the more important things that people tend to overlook are shirt collars.

The first trick in tackling a sagging collar is to ensure that your first button is buttoned up right after you have ironed your collar. While the steam is still settling down after ironing, it helps to mold the collar into shape. Just like how unsightly it might look to have tiny creases on your shirts, there are extra measures you need to take when it comes to maintaining your shirt collar. 

Making sure that your collar stays upright and in place helps to give you a more well-polished look, even when you are not wearing a tie. However, getting your collar to stay up takes more than just adding on collar stays. In fact, collar stays does very little to help to achieve a structured collar, or rather an unnatural collar.

It is also important to stiffen your shirt placket so that the collars do not droop down. However, starching the collars only allows it to stay in place temporarily. To further enhance your placket, placket stays can be inserted in your shirt’s placket to stiffen the points of your collar. These placket stays acts as a permanent reinforcement that will help you to achieve a clean and structured placket and upright collar all day, every day.

If you are interested in picking one up for yourself, Million Dollar Collar placket stays are created to help support your shirt collar for a cleaner, well-pressed look. How it works is that these placket stays are permanently sewn into the placket of your shirt so it remains intact. You never have to go through another day worrying about saggy collars.

These plackets stays are going for USD 14 for a packet of 5 and USD 24 for a packet of 10. If you need help attaching these placket stays, your tailor would be more than happy to assist you with that. 

Here are a few examples of how a shirt with these placket stays will look like:

*this is not a sponsored post but solely based on a client’s experience on using Million Dollar Collar placket stays

Lastly, going for a taller collarband can help in maintaining an upright collar. It also creates more depth and frames your face, giving you a more poised and confident look. These collarbands are usually large enough to fit two collar buttons. They are designed to have longer collar points and a taller neckband so give you the extra and depth to further accentuate your features and also your amazing made to measure shirts.

However, these collar style would be positioned higher and closer to your face and jawline, so you might need some time to adjust to the look. Nonetheless, we would always recommend our clients to explore the different styles possible. Who knows you might learn to love and appreciate how these extra features complements your look and style.

A client just sent us a pic of him experimenting a longer collar during lunch.

If you are uncertain about how high or long your collar tips and bands should go, you can always ask your tailors who would be able to propose a suitable style for you.

Feel free to book an appointment with us at to find out more. If not, you can always drop by to have a look at what we have in store for you!

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