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Article: 10 Gift Ideas This Father's Day

10 Gift Ideas This Father's Day - Assemble Singapore

10 Gift Ideas This Father's Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner and if you are still cracking your brains to figure out the best gift for the most important man in your life, we have a few gift ideas which you can choose from.

  1. Jee & Ed
    Black Leather Black Celtic Inspired Carvings (Limited Edition) - $59.90

    Jee & Ed’s Black Leather Black Celtic Inspired Carvings bracelet is one of the few designs from the limited edition black series. This bracelet can practically be worn during any occasions, be it to a formal wedding or even to a simple and intimate family dinner. The intricate steel carvings embody the best of both earthly and divine, making it a special piece to gift your father this Father’s Day.
  1. Gnome & Bow
    Lubin Coin Case - $138

    Gnome & Bow’s Lubin Coin Case is made from lush full grain leather, so it will age gracefully with everyday use. This Lubin Coin case can be used to store anything – from house keys to cards and even coins. All is well when your important items are accessible and kept in one compact case. Product comes in Black and Olive.
  1. Assemble
    Tailored Suits - starting from $550

    Made to measure suits by Assemblesg are crafted locally and with much precision. With over 900 fabrics to choose from, we might have something for everyone and to cater to the different styles and needs. Also, did you know that we do customizable linings? Our customizations are limitless. Just let us know your ideas and designs and we will find a way to get you the best linings possible. Gift your father this Father’s Day with a suit and a customizable lining that complements his personality and style. Drop us an email at to book an appointment now!
  1. Journal Project
    Denim Selvedge Jeans - $159

    Everyone needs a pair of comfortable and stylish jeans in their wardrobe. Selvedge denim from the Journal Project is sourced from the best mills in Japan, Thailand and Xin Jian. It is meticulously handcrafted individually with attention to detail and to last. These jeans come in 12oz indigo stretch and also 14oz indigo x black selvedge jeans in slim straight and slim tapered cut. Denim totes are also available in denim blue and olive! 
  1. Graye
    Reversible Noragi Kimono - $99

    With functional chest pockets and inseam side pockets for reversible wearing, this kimono outerwear is definitely an interesting and unique pick from Graye. One side of the outerwear is modern looking with textured nylon fabric, while the other is made from a soft yarn-dyed cotton gauze with contrasting white yarn forming a checkered pattern. This design is versatile and allows you to switch between styles according to your mood, outfit and occasion so you can never run out of ideas on how to wear it! Product comes in forest green and black.
  1. BCCO
    Knitted Tie - $39.90

    Knitted Ties are practical, stylish, and is also a natural addition to any outfit. Reasons why knitted ties are the perfect gift is because of its resistance to crease and its rich texture. No matter if you decide to go for an eye-catching color or a classic print, the tactile nature of this tie is guaranteed to make a statement. This tie adds a dash of boldness without being too loud. Also, as knitted ties are wrinkle-resistant, it is easy to toss in these ties into your bags or luggages, without having to worry about it getting crumpled. 
  1. Kydra
    Essential Tee - $32
    2-in-1 Flex Shorts - $78

    Kydra’s Essential Tees are designed with a tailored fit to provide maximum comfort. The tee has a minimalist flair, which allows you to pair it with the rest of your wardrobe. Be it to go to the gym or to explore the city, Kydra’s essential tee is provides you with the comfort and versatility you need. Pair these tees with Kydra’s 2-in-1 flex shorts which comes with a unique pair of breathable inner tights. Tees comes in black and red! 
  1. Maketh Project
    Belt - $80

    The beautiful thing about handcrafted leather products is that each product is uniquely designed in its own way. Each piece is carefully created by the crafters, so you can never find two pieces that are the same. If you want your leather crafts to be even more personalized, you can even sign up for workshops conducted by Maketh Project. There are a number of crafts to choose from, such as belt making, passport covers and even money clip cardholders. Do drop us an email at for more information.
  1. Bundies
    $28 - $32

    For those of you who have visited our store, you might have seen a very intriguing poster of two men in their boxes at a hawker centre. Well, surprise your fathers this Father’s Day with a pair of comfortable and sustainable undies by Bundies! All of Bundies Undies are carefully cut and sewn from the highest quality fabrics for ultimate comfort, breathability and softness. They also use natural fabrics such as Lenzing Modal and 100% Organic Cotton, which has a low impact on the environment. With the various colors and prints as well as the Chinese New Year design, Bundies Undies is guaranteed to be an interesting pick as a gift this Father’s Day!
  1. Carlos Santos
    Double-Monk Shoes - $400

    With over 70 years of history, Carlos Santos Shoes, which is made in Portugal, is one of the greatest brands of male luxury footwear. The classic style bucket in the double monk shoes are built by Goodyear Welted system. With its amazing qualities and 19 different patina colors to choose from, this is one of the best choice for the man who works five days a week. Limited stocks are available in store but we are taking preorders as well depending on your desired styles and choice of color!

We hope that these products would help you to narrow down or even select a gift for your father this Father’s Day. If you have any queries, our stylists would be happy to show you around and recommend you some gift ideas.

Do drop us an email at if you have any enquiries. 

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