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Article: Tips When Visiting Your Tailor

Tips When Visiting Your Tailor - Assemble Singapore

Tips When Visiting Your Tailor

Trusting a tailor can be a lot like investing in a personal relationship. You are choosing to trust this person in helping you to look your best and maybe even build your confidence along the way. Dressing well can help you to develop an immeasurable amount of self-confidence after all.

Either ways, when you meet a tailor, you initially have your own expectations of the preferred and/or desired outcome of your final outfit. The tailor however, would have his own style and thoughts of what looks best. 

This is where communication plays a huge part when you decide to tailor. For example, your perspective of slim-fit might be completely different from the tailor. Therefore, letting the tailor know about your favoured style and your understanding of the ideal look for your body type can help in ensuring that you are getting the most out of your appointments and fittings. 

When you are choosing a cloth, lighting is one of the more important factors to consider. Choosing a cloth in broad daylight gives you a good gauge on the disparities in both natural and artificial light. Although there is only a slight difference, it is always good to note on the contrast of these colours before you pick one to your liking. 

We also cannot emphasise enough how the weight of fabrics determines the drape of your suit. The heavier the fabric is, the neater and cleaner the outfit looks wholly (Refer to fabric GM article). Which is why we would prefer to recommend you fabrics of a higher GM.

Lastly, when you see a tailor, please avoid wearing jeans or berms as it becomes difficult to figure out your best fit especially with the cutting of these pants. The best attire to come to an appointment would be your favourite formal workwear, which not only helps your tailor to understand your style and body fit, but it also saves yours and the tailor’s time in making major alterations in the future.

Finding the perfect tailor might feel like a chore. However, do not get disheartened if your tailor is not able to 100% achieve your desired look the first time. Instead, give him/her your opinions and let them make the necessary adjustments to help you in this journey. The best part is getting the final and best measurements right. With that in mind, the tailor can replicate these measurements for future creations, so you only need to worry about exploring the different fabrics they have.

Do drop us an email at to book an appointment or if you have any enquiries!

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