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Article: Different ways to tie a dimpled tie knot

Different ways to tie a dimpled tie knot - Assemble Singapore

Different ways to tie a dimpled tie knot

A tie is a fantastic choice of accessory if you are looking to complement and/or elevate your look. However, there are different styles that you can follow, which will add a touch of elegance to your dapper look.

Have you heard of the dimpled tie?

A dimpled tie helps to create a more sophisticated look and adds depth and texture to the tie. Every tiny detail counts and the subtlety of these dimpled ties is a way to bring an outfit together.

Here is how you can create a dimpled tie;

A tie dimple works wonders in creating a more polished look to your outfit. It is stylish, and also shows your knowledge in fashion. So, if you are looking to dress to impress, a tiny but vital detail such as this dimple will help you to stand out from others.

Typically, there are three types of styles you can follow. Firstly, there is the single dimple, which falls in the middle of the tie, just below the knot you have created.

single dimple

You can also opt for a side dimple, which allows you to have more variations with left or right dimples to play around with. This way, you can choose to explore the ways you can tie a knot, without worrying about the dimple or crease falling out of place.

side dimple

Lastly, there is the single dimple with a twisted tail, which helps to add a second dimple to the inner portion of the tie. Not only does it create an illusion, but it also showcases the design of the tie that you have picked out.

single dimple with twisted tail

The beautiful thing about dimpled ties is that it is achievable no matter the material of the tie that you choose to wear. However, textured fabrics such as knitted ties are easier to manage more than others, and prevents the dimple from losing its’ shape.

It is important to create a natural dimpled look so do not worry about spending too much time trying to perfect the look. Pulling off a dimpled tie should be simple and effortless, yet elegant and classy.

Besides these dimpled ties, the no dimpled tie is also an option which you can opt for.

no dimple

Feel free to play around and rotate between the different styles available to showcase your diverse knowledge and style range.

With the different ties that you can choose from, it can get overwhelming having to pick one out for your attire or occasion. Well, here are some of Assemble’s picks for your consideration:

We have a wide variety of ties which are priced between $49 to $89. Our collection includes the windowpane, the paisley tie, the teardrop pattern tie, and the classic regimental tie.

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