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Article: Launch of The Gentlemen's Collective

Launch of The Gentlemen's Collective - Assemble Singapore

Launch of The Gentlemen's Collective

From shifting around to different locations and having unconventional fittings and appointments at pop-up stores, Assemble has finally opened up its own doors (or gates in this case) to the public. With wooden crates, white shelves, rattan chairs and minimalistic pendant lights, the store gives off a welcoming and cozy Scandinavian styled concept.

On February 4th, Assemble held a soft launch for its first physical store. Housed under Assemble, The Gentlemen’s Collective is their newest initiative, which combines more than 10 brands under one store to meet a gentlemen’s needs. From made to measure suits to accessories and undergarments, the gentlemen’s collective has the essentials fit for a gentleman. 

The launch received overwhelming response and the programs for that day kept everyone’s spirits up and running. There were plenty of activities, including a leather making workshop and also a photobooth to capture these moments that ought to be remembered. Here are some of the highlights from that day: 


Being one of the suppliers at Assemble, Maketh Project conducted its first workshop during the launch. Creating items from scratch is such a hassle, but the forbearing instructors made it look completely effortless. Maketh Project conducts many workshops, some of which include making leather card holders and also clutches. They currently have their pre-made money clip holder, leather clutch and passport holder available for purchase in store.

Perfectly timed just a week before Chinese New Year, The Blind Barber was also invited to demonstrate the different possible hairstyles for these gents. It is also pleasing to see that some of these brave souls entrusted the barber to snip their locks off, giving them a fresh look just before they celebrate the new year.

Guests trying out Oblique Eyewear’s glasses, which are stylish and versatile, making it suitable for both the gents and the ladies! Besides Oblique Eyewear, Assemble carries many other brands such as The Journal Project, Graye, A For Arcade (Men), Kydra and more.

Also, besides being a retail spot for gents to browse and shop, Assemble’s open concept invites customers from all walks of life to come in and soak in the snug ambience that they aim to achieve.

Assemble is not only a go-to spot for some retail therapy and to immerse themselves in the cozy setting. They have also installed an old school arcade game, a pinball machine and also a claw machine to allow clients to take a step back from their busy schedules and to just unwind a little. Besides that, Assemble carries unique lightsabers which are available for pre-order.

Assemble offers the warmest hospitality and welcomes each and every guest with open arms. Seeing how the launch was a huge success, they hope to see both familiar and fresh faces supporting them throughout this amazing journey ahead.

photography credits: fotofolkz

From humble beginnings, Assemble is delighted to have reached another milestone this new year. If you're around the area, do drop by to view the selection they have curated just for you. Or if you want to just have a go at the arcade games, have a splendid time in this intimate space. You can also drop them an email at if you have any enquiries!

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