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Article: Grooming Event @ TGC!

Grooming Event @ TGC! - Assemble Singapore

Grooming Event @ TGC!

“The barber is a profession that dates back to every era known to man, from being a prized member of staff that served the Egyptian pharaohs, Sultans of the Ottoman Empire and more recently, the British royal family."
- Sultans of Shave

Sultans of Shave barbers, who have been trained in the home of the gentlemen, London, and also by master British barber Jay Anaya, aims to offer the best and perfect experience at Sultans of Shave. Jay Anaya flies to Singapore annually, and was formerly the master barber for Dunhill. He currently heads the barber shop for classic Brit department store Fortnum and Mason. On the 31st of April, we were honoured to have been immersed in the company of Jamie from Sultans of Shave for our first grooming event. 

By appointment bookings only, clients at The Gentlemen’s Collective were pampered and given the gentlemen’s haircut by Jamie. Being very meticulous at her styling, each of the client's hairs were dealt with carefully and the results were impressive. 

Products from Boardwalk were used to set these gentlemen's hair in order. Their products are easy to use and aims to achieve 3 requirements; easy to style, easy to wash out and also for healthy scalp and hair.

At The Gentlemen's Collective, we carry the Original Hold pomade ($33), Strong Hold pomade ($33), Matte pomade ($33) and the Style Lock Spray ($30).

Our best pick from this collection is the Style Lock Hair Spray, which is non-aerosol, adds volume and has a weightless hold on the hair. With this product, you can achieve your desired look simply by spraying and styling. All of their products are also made from Aloe-Vera, are paraben-free and Vegan so you can be confident that it is environmentally friendly! 

Besides being a stylish man with a cleanly pressed shirt and double breasted suit, a gentleman always keeps himself well-groomed. The Gentlemen’s Collective carries grooming products from both Boardwalk and The Blind Barber which hopefully helps to keep that mane in check. Products from The Blind Barber include their 90 Proof pomade ($35), 101 Proof pomade (#35), Sea Salt Spray ($33), Facial Cleanser ($35) and also the Shave Cream ($38).

Do drop by and have a look at what we have in store if you are around the area!

Flash your receipts from your purchases at The Gentlemen’s Collective to receive a 10% off your services at Sultans of Shave.

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