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Article: Style With Love

Style With Love - Assemble Singapore

Style With Love

3 Clients, 3 Stories, 3 Different Styles

At Assemble, we had the honor of meeting many happy couples reaching out to us, to craft a discerning and snazzy Suit for the groom-to-be and his band of brothers! We have met so many stylish, creative and gallant individuals which makes it hard to choose just 3 couples to be featured! If you're gearing up for your big day, take a look at their stories, tips on what to look out for during your wedding, what to avoid or simply admire these stunning visuals. Enjoy! 


 Desmond & Nurulia - A Multiracial Love

A: Such a lovely wedding guys! What was the reason for a Bali wedding? 

D&NAs an interracial couple, we decided to go with the non-traditional way of celebrating our union. If you ask why Bali, we'd ask why not?! Bali was an easy choice, because we'd pick exchanging our vows on the majestic cliff top perched over the Indian Ocean over a ballroom any time.

A: Was the process tedious to prepare for an overseas wedding?

D&NAnything that's worth it definitely takes a lot of time and effort. We'd say that it took more work than usual because we both had very high expectations of what we wanted to do with decorations, the programme flow, and the entire wedding experience for ourselves as well as our guests.

(Desmond wearing 100% Wool Prince of Wales 3 Piece Suit, $860)

AHow did you know about Assemble Desmond!

DLet's just say I did my research ;) 

ATell us a little bit more about the tailoring process (how you feel!) and what made you choose this color for your big day?

DThe entire tailoring process was not done hastily, which is what I appreciated the most from Assemble. Some tailors only guarantee 2 to 3 fittings but Ken made sure to arrange as many fittings as required, to make sure that the suit fits you perfectly. I also chose grey because to me it's a staple color for every Gentleman, and it's also another timeless classic apart from black.

(A Love Like No Other)

AWhat kinda details do you like about the Suit, Nurul?

NI particularly like the fit of the suit on my husband. Apart from that, I thought the pattern placement of the checkered fabric was done nicely as well. 

ALastly, any great tips for soon to wed couples?

D&NA wedding is a once in a lifetime event that you will always remember, and it's definitely something you will tell your kids about in future! When planning your dream wedding, do not get influenced by anything you see on social media, and remember that this day should be unique to the both of you.

Planning a wedding also involves making a lot of irrational decisions and spending unnecessarily; so always remember to check that you are spending within an agreed range that both of you have decided on. Remember to enjoy the entire wedding planning process in the lead up to your big day! On your wedding day, remember to soak in every little moment as you create some of your most special memories that will last forever :) 


photography credit:


Matt & Carynl - The Quirky Set

A: Hey Matt! Thanks for having us and also agreeing to be a part of this feature! Tell us more about how you met Carynl and when/how did you propose!

MWe met through work, specifically through a magic show we were involved in together. Chio, responsible, knew her stuff - hard to miss. I proposed on our 3rd year anniversary, while she was in Macau for work. It was a nice dinner (which I got her to book so she won't suspect anything), before I went on my knees when dessert was served.

A: How was the wedding preparation like and any advice for couples planning their wedding on how to avoid unnecessary conflicts? 

MWe were in a long distance relationship then so the difficulties lied in remote consensus on many items for the wedding. Personality also played a part - she's a highly structured, detail-oriented person while I went with the flow and gut mostly. Worked out well eventually, after we found a middle ground.

Thanks to great contacts and friends who chipped in to help too. Advice: Have an honest rundown of preferences from the start before the planning begins. After which, give and take as much as possible.

(Matt wearing Assemble's Solid Blue 2 Piece Suit, $550)

A: With tailors aplenty, why chose Assemble? 

MMy body type is not off-the-rack friendly - top heavy but shoulders aren't that broad. So tailors that I've tried have often over-compromised or under estimated the crucial allowances for the suit to fit me well. But I saw a friend's suit at a wedding and was impressed by the cut and the way it complimented his physique and got introduced to Assemble.

The initial visit was still with skepticism but Ken's patience and professionalism in running you through the concepts, materials and fit helps to assure you of quality with a difference.

A: What is the one thing you would share about Assemble to your friends? 

M: Attention to details and a cut that is uniquely yours!

(Matt wearing Assemble's Black Tuxedo with Satin Shawl Lapel, $580)

A: For Carynl, what do you like most about Matt's wedding Suits? 

C: Finally, a good fit with the right measurements! 

A: Any reason why a Solid Blue Suit for you Matt?

M: I've always had a soft spot for blue, works well for my fair skin. 

A: Lastly, any tips for gents currently looking for a Suit for their big day?

M: Ask Ken, he knows best! 


photography credit: Chris Yap


Marcus & Rachel - The Dynamic Dance Duo

A: Hello guys, thank you for choosing Assemble, and of course coming on-board for this feature! Enlighten our fellow readers on how you guys met and how ScRach Marcs is formed!

M&RWe met at a dance studio in 2008 while taking classes together. We took classes, performed and even competed with/against each other! ScRach MarcS was created when we entered in a competition in 2009 and until now, its still hard for most people to read out our name lol.

A: Tell us more about your lively big day, the process and how did you guys came up with the theme! 

M&RThe wedding started out with a discussion with the parents on the style/type of celebration we wanted. To balance out new/old traditions, we decided to go along with a 2-day celebration which will be able to accommodate all our friends and relatives. It was just thematic in color because we didn't want to limit the dressing and guests could just dress their best!! :)

We got down to select our favorite colorways and that's how it happened! It also helps greatly to imagine the scene and what colors would work - We had a church wedding so a rustic color tone was perfect for the venue.

(Marcus in Assemble's Light Grey Shark Skin 3 Piece Suit, $550)

A: Share with us your experience with Assemble, Marcus!

MIt was a really pleasant hassle-free experience! I was impressed at the efficiency of how quickly a bespoke suit could take. Ken was very helpful in recommending materials and suit fitting. On top of that, he also gave some tips on footwear/accessories pairing :) Definitely the easiest suit-making experience ever.

A: What's one thing you really love about Marcus' Suit, Rachel?

RIt is perfectly fitted and you can really tell what a difference that makes than off-the-rack suits.

(Coming, Keeping and Working together!)

AYou guys have a really fun and quirky fashion style as well! Any tips for daily outfits or how to display couple outfits in a more stylish manner?

M&RJust be DARING and be expressive. Try out new styles and you will find what you like. Being safe means only limiting your options. I guess its the same for everything in life...go out there and EXPERIENCE!!

ALastly, any upcoming plans for ScRachMarcS that we should know about!

M&RWe are actively pushing to make street dance accessible to everyone so we are creating a lot of dance programs as well as getting involved in the community and media. We are also planning a production at the end of 2017/start of 2018. To stay updated, follow us at @scrachmarcs or!


photography credit:


Should you wish to find out more about these dapper gentlemen's Suit choices, fabrics or pricing, feel free to leave us a comment or drop us an email at! If you've someone that you wish to be featured or you think we should sponsor, let us know as well! They'll be in good hands with Assemble!


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