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Article: The Engs - A Father's Day Feature

The Engs - A Father's Day Feature - Assemble Singapore

The Engs - A Father's Day Feature

(Mr. Aristotle Eng, Mr. Ambrose Eng and Mr. Alexander Eng)

For every family, a Father is not only a figure but an example and often seen as the protector of the household. Over the Father's Day weekend, we were delighted to sit down with one of our clients, Mr. Ambrose Eng and his two young sons, Alexander and Aristotle, to know more about his journey as a Father and also, the challenges he face when it comes to guiding and growing together with them. 

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Q: Hi Uncle Ambrose! First off, as a Father, what were the difficulties you faced when bringing two boys up? 

A: In my opinion, fathering is the most humbling experience. It is not the difficulties I faced with the boys but the constant struggle within myself, trying to lead, impress upon them the right moral values and working with them (as individuals) on, how to have ideals, dreams & yet the need to balance it in an imperfect world.

QWhat were some of the fondest memories when your sons were growing up?

A: Every moment shared & interactions made were very precious. If I need to choose some, off the top of mind; 

For Alexander, from day 5 to 6 months old, the only way to ensure that he sleeps through the night soundly, I will have him snuggled & lie on me while I sat in a reclining position nightly, such great bonding... and those dinners at the beach every evening!

For Aristotle, he had a lot of decisions and actions as though he was in a rush to grow up! He decided on not riding a brand new tricycle that we bought because he deemed that it was meant for toddlers (as shown on the picture printed on box) and he was only 22 months then! He wanted to change kindergarten when he was 6, wanting to sack this particular bus driver when he was 9 and also his decision of traveling to Nepal alone when he was 17... I can go on and on.. 

For the both of them, there were so many treasured memories too, going to the parks & zoos, swimming at the beach with our dog.. 

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Q: What kind of approach is best when it comes to disciplining your children?

A: I don’t think there is a best approach. A little bit of threat did work when they were much younger, but mainly reasoning & reminders constantly.

Q: Do you think today's fathers have things harder or easier than you had them?

A: I don’t know if it's easier or harder for any era or generation of fathers. I do believe it is always challenging but gratifying.

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QAre there things you wish you had done differently as a father?

A: I don't really know... What I do know is, I have done my best & my wife is my mirror, we are always bouncing off each other, asking how can we do better.

Q: Lastly, is there anything you've always wanted to tell them but never have?

A: I believe that life is unpredictable, I live with the philosophy of planning for the next 50 years but living like today is my last. I share my thoughts, affection & love with them every single day.

One of the greatest gift a parent could ever give their children is to believe in them. And we couldn't be more honored to have met and style these gentlemen up.

For more information on The Eng's outfits, feel free to drop us an email at! Or if you have someone in mind that you think should be featured, let us know and we'll be happy to suit them up. 

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