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Article: Our Co-Founder, Ken and His Latest Creation

Our Co-Founder, Ken and His Latest Creation - Assemble Singapore

Our Co-Founder, Ken and His Latest Creation

Everyone that tailors with ASSEMBLE knows our Co-Founder, Stylist, Tailor, Multi-Tasker and friend, Ken Zhou. He is the face of our brand, someone that functions 24/7, feeding himself with knowledge on styling, colors, sewing methods, cutting, the list goes on. Clients trust him for a reason, and that is his impeccable service. His willingness to go over his scope to bring our customers the best there is. Check our first feature on his ideals, plans and his latest creation!

What prompted you to quit your stable job and start ASSEMBLE?

The flexibility and limitless control over my own business is definitely thrilling, and I'm always the vain sort. Getting dressed, what's in trend, what looks good on me, etc. I think making this step ensures that I put in my full concentration, discipline and dedication when there's so much risks involve. It's a do or die thing. And thankfully, still doing!

What are the challenges you faced starting ASSEMBLE?

From setting up manufacturing lines to sourcing for trustworthy suppliers, packaging, curating accessories, accounting, social media, advertising and designing, these WILL BE the main challenges if you're looking to start your own business with little help. As roving tailors, we travel to client's home and offices frequently so it was quite exhaustive when we first started!

Deadlines are also a challenge. When you're new and there's still so much to grasp, it's difficult to meet client's requirements. We get urgent orders (3 days timeline for a Suit even) or perhaps if a client has an erratic schedule that's difficult for us to slot in appointments for fittings, that poses quite a problem during the initial phase when you are a start-up and there's only 2 pairs of hands working!

What are your future plans for ASSEMBLE?

We have a couple of interesting things lined up for this year! Keep your eyes peeled and follow us on our socials to know what's in store :)

Tell us more about your favorite Suit Style?

Let me start by saying that I love wearing a Suit. However, I abhor looking like a boring business man. I love to dress up and I'll always prefer something with a bit more flair than the usual work Suits. That’s where I look to the 1930's and 1940’s for inspiration.

Think huge lapels, double pleated pants, high waisted styles, I can go on and on. But don't get me wrong, I do love dressing up skinny's as well when it comes to picking my street wear. Versatility is key when it comes to your wardrobe choices. Don't be afraid to pick bold designs and play with colors!

Why pick this Brown Suit to be featured?

Something less conventional. Clients always come to me asking for Navy Blue, or Black Suits. And 80-90% of the time, I managed to convince them to start exploring out of their comfort zone.

Usually I begin by challenging them: " Instead of Navy, why not other colors or shades? or, why not other patterns like checks and stripes? " I think majority of Singaporeans are still in a rather conservative state when it comes to wardrobe selections. But I beg to differ, and I'm always ready should they need help in being pointed to the right direction!

So back to the Brown Suit, Browns are often considered less formal compared to the darker colors, yet it is still a wonderful base color. It evokes a tropical fall feel, while having a tinge of warmth in them. It also provides a welcoming relief from a sea of Navy, Gray, or Black suits. When worn properly, Brown quickly sets a gentlemen apart from the vast majority of other men. This particular hue coordinates nicely with most colors, which is not that difficult to match as well!

What's so special about this Brown Suit?

Notice the peak lapel that's on this Suit and that actually adds height by the points of the peaks. Which can create an elongating effect. Which also, adds on as a slimming effect which is great for larger size gents. For me, I just wanted that extra illusion of height!

I also chose functional cuffs due to the groovy lining which can be seen when I roll up my sleeves. And these out of the world lining is one of our secret weapon that is launching soon!

What do we style this Brown Suit with?

I can wear a Full Brown 2 Piece Suit by itself for a wholesome color. If not, I tend to choose contrast as my daily look to spice things up a little (think brown suit and khaki colored pants). Jeans works as well and I'll finish off with loafers and a pair of sunglasses. If not, White Chinos and pair of Suede Brown Loafers OR Grey Pants, sock-less look with Black Tassel Shoes. Throw in a panama hat if you like!

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