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Article: From humble beginnings...

From humble beginnings... - Assemble Singapore

From humble beginnings...

Kickstarted in February 2015, we have package ourselves to be convenient, service-oriented and being affordable as well! If you have been on our Facebook or Instagram page, we have been reviewed by many of our clients (some turned friends!) and we are truly honored to have delivered such satisfying fun and style to many of 'em! As we are building this platform and site through bite sized pieces, bear with us as we fix the details! 

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Our Co-Founder, Ken and His Latest Creation - Assemble Singapore
affordable tailoring in Singapore

Our Co-Founder, Ken and His Latest Creation

Everyone that tailors with ASSEMBLE knows our Co-Founder, Stylist, Tailor, Multi-Tasker and friend, Ken Zhou. He is the face of our brand, someone that functions 24/7, feeding himself with knowled...

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