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Article: National Day Story Feature: Vanesia

National Day Story Feature: Vanesia - Assemble Singapore

National Day Story Feature: Vanesia

Vanesia, 20, is a graduate from Republic Polytechnic with a Diploma in Restaurant & Culinary Operations. She was a fanatic for pastry, which led her to choosing her course in polytechnic. During her course of education, she was taught restaurant servicing in the Food & Beverage industry and learnt core skills such as F&B management, culinary science and kitchen operations. This was when she picked up the ropes of serving and sprouted her passion for it.

Recently, Vanesia emerged with a Gold medal in the regional WorldSkills Competition in Singapore in June 2018. She was then awarded with a competing opportunity in the international WorldSkills Competition, which will be held from 22 – 27 August 2019 in Kazan, Russia.

A brief introduction: WorldSkills believes in building the economy of the future with all types of skills developed in the youths, who are the “children of the future”.  Worldskills Competition aims to connect societies from different countries, and also to create opportunities for the youths to strengthen their abilities through intensive trainings and real-world experience.

With a total of 56 competition categories, Vanesia will be representing Singapore for the “Restaurant Service” category and competing with champs from 62 other countries. During the competition period, other than a compulsory black and white uniform, she was also required a personal suit. Vanesia hence approached Assemble as she wanted it to be tailored to look good in it as the competition is formal and prestigious.

(Teal 2-Piece Suit with Shawl Lapel)

At first, you would see Vanesia as quiet and bashful, but she opted for a teal fabric. Who would have thought a shy girl like her would choose such an outstanding colour! Despite the unconventional colour, it was complementing her skin tone, which made her suit even more prominent. Just like her character, training for the competition has pushed her out of her comfort zone and she overcame her fear of public speaking.

(National Day Printed Linings; More designs here!)

Know what’s more special about her suit? It’s the inner lining! I’m sure you would have recognised the Uniquely Singapore iconic landmarks and our national flower, Orchids. In conjunction with National Day, Assemble has launched Limited Edition National Day printed linings. It was a perfect match with Vanesia’s suit, as she is going to be the representative of Singapore for an international competition. With the lining, her suit is now made extra meaningful and extra special!

In the F&B industry, there is much more to waiters/waitresses serving food and drinks to you. The quality of service also makes a huge impact on your dining experiences. Other than extensive knowledge they have regarding the food you are having, they have to always be on their feet to tackle any situations.

Let’s all wish Vanesia all the best for her upcoming competition!


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