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Article: Why it's important to pick the right hangers for your wardrobe

Why it's important to pick the right hangers for your wardrobe - Assemble Singapore

Why it's important to pick the right hangers for your wardrobe

Take a moment to step back and think about the total-added-value of the clothing in your closet. How do you feel?

At Assemble, we get to visit client’s houses each day (yes, we do mobile tailoring services). So, we often get the privilege of examining different individual’s closets and the kind of clothes that they own.

As we suspected, we found that an average of 60% of our clients’ clothes were in use, while the remaining 40% were chucked aside and left to collect dust.

We asked our clients their reason for not disposing these clothes. Their most common responses include;

  • It’s a pity to throw them away. Throwing clothes equals to throwing money away.
  • I can’t fit into my old clothes anymore. I’ve gained/lost weight.

Here’s an interesting example of a client we recently visited. While he was showing us to his closet, I thought to myself, “How much would all these clothes cost?”

Just to give you a brief background, he’s a Senior Executive in his mid 30s who works in a bank. His job scope involves travelling, client-meeting and conducting presentations with his superiors. I would say that a decent paying salaried job like his would require a fair amount of presentation in his office wear. My best estimates for his clothing expenditure would be;

4 suits x $800 = $3200
1 vest x $200 = $200
12 business shirts x $100 = $1200
1 linen shirt x $100 = $100
8 trousers x $150 = $2100
2 jeans x $250 = $500
2 jackets x $200 = $400
Total clothing assets = SGD $6800

When you put them in numbers, that is a rough gauge on how much a gentleman who spends a reasonable amount of time on his appearance might fork up for his wardrobe. As we further examined his closet, we were taken aback by the hangers that he had used for his delicate sets of clothing – wire/ plastic/ mix of wobbly dry cleaner hangers, those tools were definitely doing some damage to his clothes! If you own a set of hangers that helps in keeping your clothes neat and organized, kudos to your care for aesthetics. However, I’m referring to hangers that were causing damage to his $6800 worth of “investments”.

I have personally met clients who say, “Oh, I’m intending to throw or put those clothes aside cause I don’t fit into them anymore. Perhaps I’ll revisit them again during 大扫除 (spring cleaning) and decide what to do with it then.”

Have you ever thought that maybe your hangers might have contributed to the downward pulling on your favourite outfits? It is important to pick the right hangers so they provide sufficient support at the load bearing points. For example, using the wrong hangers might prevent the shoulders from draping as nicely as it did before.

The next time you decide to jump to conclusions and doubt your weight loss or gain, you can consider switching up to better quality hangers. A bad structured hanger can stretch and damage an outfit within days so it’s very important to take note on the ways you choose to hang your clothing. Imagine how much you can save just by investing in a good set of hangers instead of having to chuck aside your favourite clothes just because they have begun to lose shape?

If you are looking for a good quality hanger that can potentially double the lifespan of your clothes, we have a recommendation just for you. These hangers not only improve the aesthetics of your wardrobe, but it also creates a more organised closet and makes you look and feel good.



Vintage Wood Hangers (Set of 4): Retailing at $29.90

Look at your wardrobe and take some time to figure out your clothing equation. It might be interesting to find out how these hangers can set a huge difference to the quality and lifespan of your clothes!

Do drop us an email at to book an appointment or if you have any enquiries!

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