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Article: The Fitting Session (Featuring Graye's Qian and Calvin)

The Fitting Session (Featuring Graye's Qian and Calvin) - Assemble Singapore

The Fitting Session (Featuring Graye's Qian and Calvin)

Have you ever wonder what happens during the fitting sessions? Let’s take a peek into the fitting session for Calvin’s wedding suits!

tailoring fitting session

People always say opposites attract. She is a cheerful one who conveys her opinions expressively, while he simply nods and listens (with very rare comments and emotions shown).

Qian is the lady behind the minimalistic men’s clothing label, Graye, which creates pieces incorporating the Eastern and Western elements, giving a modern touch to traditional designs. Very soon, Qian and her partner, Calvin, will be getting hitched and hence she came to Assemble with her husband-to-be to make his wedding suits.

Here's a mini interview with Qian:

What made you decide to launch Graye?

Qian: I decided to start Graye because I see a huge gap in the menswear market, therefore I was motivated to introduce sustainable fabrics and unique designs to the likeminded customers. I see Graye as not just a menswear label, but a lifestyle brand that advocates a modern Zen lifestyle and philosophy.

Tell us a little bit about Calvin’s interesting occupation, and also how did you and Calvin meet?

Qian: Calvin is working on launching a meditation application. He’s always into mindfulness and meditation practice. As calm as he might look, our first encounter was actually in a bar! 😂 We were introduced by our mutual friends. Things turned out to be a bit more interesting when we realized that we were staying just a road away!

What is Calvin’s usual go-to outfits and what are the decisions made for his wedding suits?

He’s usually in t-shirt or casual shirts, light jackets and relaxed fit pants. For his wedding suits, we were thinking of making either a very casual set or just go for something I will never imagine him with – a tuxedo. In the end, we chose to have both styles for our wedding.

What were your concerns while choosing fabrics (& other customisations if any) and during the fitting session?

I’m more concern with the fit. Since both of us are more inclined towards the relaxed style, we wouldn’t want something that is too fitted when it comes to formal wear. I want him to look formal but still feel at ease with the right fit.

tailoring fitting session

So what actually happens during the first fitting session for suits? Since Calvin made two sets, he tried on the skeleton of his tuxedo suit jacket and vest, and pant for the casual suit. This is why his outfit during fitting was looking ever so slightly mismatched.

tailoring fitting session

During fitting sessions, our tailors would take notes about clients’ preferences and adjust the fitting accordingly. When Calvin walked into Assemble in his casual clothes, we understood why Qian commented that he looked awkward in suits/formal wears. He was in an outfit which gave off a laid-back vibes, which you can see is a plain tee and olive green loose-fit pant. As expected, he felt that some parts were too fitting for his liking. Since Calvin is not used to tapered and fitting clothes, Ken made sure to find the balance between making him feel comfortable in his suits and looking crisp and clean.


tailoring fitting session

Be sure to voice out your thoughts to the tailor during fitting sessions, just like Calvin, as they would never know how you feel about your pieces! Are you as excited to see his wedding suits as us? In anticipation of how the final looks will turn out, follow us on Instagram @assemblesg to check out more of our clients’ looks for inspiration as well! 

Do drop us an email at to book an appointment or if you have any enquiries!

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