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Article: Pop-up Store @ Takashimaya

Pop-up Store @ Takashimaya - Assemble Singapore

Pop-up Store @ Takashimaya

Fellow Gents, Assemble would be holding a pop-up store at Takashimaya from the 21st October to the 27th October! With a gentlemen theme, the pop-up would display various brands of essentials for every gentlemen which encompasses hair products, cologne, wallets and products which cater to gentlemen.


It would be a great opportunity to have a walk-through and see what you have been missing out in the vast range of trending gentlemen essentials such as solid cologne or hair styling powder, something that you might have not even heard about!

The pop-up would also showcase the tailoring arm of Assemble and we welcome anyone who has questions about tailoring to pop by for a chat about your queries.

Tailoring is about understanding your own body and fashion preferences and communicating to your tailor so he could craft your outfit according to your unique personal style. We would be more than eager to help you find your style and translate it into the garments you don. The Takashimaya pop-up would also be a great avenue for booking appointments in the case where you are interested for a consultation session at our store to find out more about the various fabrics and customisations for your new suit. With our range of fabrics and customisations such as buttons, button hole colors, linings and even the style of your silhouette, you would be spoilt for choices!

See you guys soon at the pop-up! 

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