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Hikari 光 - Flow of Light

Hikari 光 - Flow of Light represents a bright and fresh new start for the upcoming year.

An exclusive spring Bespoke collection with our sister brand ACCENT, a balance of personality, colors, and new things. A bespoke outfit for each individual catering to your style and measurements. In addition, we have curated a new range of high-quality fabrics, customizations, and techniques for you to choose from to create your casual outerwear and trousers! 

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Crepe Seersucker Safari TrousersCrepe Seersucker Safari Trousers
Crepe Seersucker Safari Shirt JacketCrepe Seersucker Safari Shirt Jacket
Nevada Sky Seersucker ShortsNevada Sky Seersucker Shorts
Nevada Sky Seersucker Camp Collar Shirt JacketNevada Sky Seersucker Camp Collar Shirt Jacket
Oxblood Seersucker ShortsOxblood Seersucker Shorts
Oxblood Seersucker Shorts Sale price$550.00
Oxblood Seersucker Double Breasted Shirt JacketOxblood Seersucker Double Breasted Shirt Jacket