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Article: Assemble Co-Founders Featured on HerWorld Brides

Assemble Co-Founders Featured on HerWorld Brides - Assemble Singapore

Assemble Co-Founders Featured on HerWorld Brides

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Extracted from HerWorld Brides, written by Cassandra Koh

assemble singapore co-founders wedding suit

(Ken and groomsmen in tailored outfits by Assemble)
How did you meet?
assemble singapore co-founders wedding

We met at a friend’s wedding! Ken was the groom’s army friend while I was a bridesmaid. He was tasked to choreograph a dance for the march-in and I was part of it as well. We were both attached then, and didn’t keep in touch till a year after, when we reconnected through dance. We both happened to be single and... the rest is history.

What was your proposal like? 

assemble singapore co-founders wedding
(Ken and Lyn's father in tailored suits by Assemble)

Ken went down on bended knee while we were in Tokyo Disneyland. He prepared a dance video with our friends – because I love his dancing – and played it before asking for my hand. The best part was, he arranged for my sister to make a surprise appearance! I cried uncontrollably after.

Share with us your wedding theme and celebration! 

individual collective candles

(Candles from Individual Collective)

Our actual day vibe was stylish and light-hearted, with a modern black and pink palette guiding the main aesthetic of the venue. We wanted our guests to have a fun time exploring our journey as a couple, while celebrating this important milestone with us.

What were some of the highlights? 

As tailors, it was a no-brainer for us to be the ones who crafted our bridal party outfits. From colour choices to the bags that my bridesmaids carried, every decision reflected the brand we built together. 

assemble singapore co-founders wedding
(Bridesmaids in chic menswear inspired dresses)

We also loved the compliments we received from our guests on our standing wedding banner. It not only displayed our pre-wedding portraits and love story, but also made for a great backdrop.

assemble singapore co-founders wedding

Seeing Ken for the first time that day was indescribable. I was nervous and excited, and wanted his touch to soothe my nerves. I will never forget the look on his face when he saw me in my gown for the first time. 

Ken adds: “Time slowed down for me during our solemnisation. Seeing my wife walking towards me, as well as the faces of our family and friends, I felt so blessed to have them all there with me.” 

Any post-wedding thoughts and planning tips? 

It was so busy in the weeks leading up to the day that, when it was over, we felt a little lost. I guess we had too much fun! Planning wise, it is never too early to plan for your big day. Always ask yourselves if it is a detail someone would remember after the wedding. Spend wisely and avoid making unnecessary purchases or add-ons. 

On hindsight, it would have been nice to spend more time with our guests. Also, we would have hired a live jazz band rather than just using a recorded playlist. Nothing beats a good live jazz moment on the dance floor. 


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