Things to know about your body before visiting a tailor

Tai Ann Teo

Tailoring is not all about just taking measurements to transform fabrics into your shirts or suits. It also involves getting to know your body’s needs for maximum comfort while looking sharp. Now you must be wondering, “Why is it important when the tailor is able to find out while taking my measurements?” Visiting a tailor is not a “one shot one kill” journey. It will take more than one visit for a tailor to understand your preferences. (Read more on “Tips when visiting your tailor”) When trying out during fittings, you need to know how the clothes fit yourself. You...

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Why You Should Pick Fabrics With Higher GMs

Diyanah Kassim

Did you know that the weight of fabrics affects and determines the comfort and drape of your outfit? There are a few things that you should take note of when choosing a fabric to your liking. One of the more important aspects to take note of is the weight of these fabrics. At first you may feel overwhelmed by the different kinds of fabrics that the tailor will show you during your appointments or fittings. However, fabrics are easily distinguished and selected if you know the right weights and properties. Fabric weight is usually measured in ounces(oz) or in GM(grams)....

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